Xperia X-Z Premium

Xperia X-Z Premium is coming..

Sony’s new model,“Xperia X-Z Premium” is Coming on the market.

Almost all people,who love to take pictures. There is good news for camera-loving people. We all know that,Sony is a one of the best brand in camera’s world. The Sony mobile’s camera also has good quality than other mobile phones. At the present,Japanese electronics company Sony is bringing new model “Xperia X-Z Premium”.The exceptional matter of the phone,It’s able to hold super slow-motion footage!

It has been shown for 1st time,in World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain’

The exceptional matters of the phone:

  • It’s able to hold super slow-motion footage!
  • It also able to hold slow-motion video.
  • The footage is capable of holding four times slower,than Apple and Samsung’s smartphone camera.
  • It Can catch up to 960 frames,in a second by slow motion!
  • H/D /R/IV/K Technology are used as 1st time on this smart phone.
  • It has Very bright display.
  • It has 5.46 display with a 4 K display.
  • And also has Exciting features.
  • There is no fear for blurred picture because of it’s better qualities technology.


More about Sony

More about Sony

Learn more about Sony:

Sony is a japanse company.It was established on October 1, 1987 in a Joint venture. The Headquarters is located at Tokyo in Japan. The main company is Sony Corporation.

“Sony” is a famous brand in the world of mobile phones.Before the band was known as Sony Ericsson. Now the company marketing their brand only as ‘Sony’ name.

Sony is also famous for it’s camera.Sony is the world’s third-largest camera producer organizations. Sony was 1st brings camera in 1996.Due to the use of an intuitive interface and improved picture quality,it becomes widely around the world.


Particularity of Sony mobile brand

The Particularity of Sony mobile brand

The Particularity of Sony mobile brand:

  • It is an International brand.
  • Music and camera quality is better than other mobiles and attractive.
  • Sony’s design is different from other mobile phone.

  • Sony Mobile phones are much more lasting.
  • Web and e-mail applications Very nice.

  • Sony Mobile are used to create the environment-friendly technology.


Finally,Sony went one step further than the others by making Super slow-motion footage capable phone.

I hope, “Xperia X-Z Premium” will be a good response all over the world…..


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