hey guys today I gonna explain something that I know I’ve been on your mind. If you’ve ever gone and tried to buy a hard drive either external or internal. You’ll definitely notice when you go to the store and see the advertising on the box it’ll say either something 1 Terabyte 500 Gigabytes. And then when you go home install it on your computer if you’re using Windows you’ll notice that the hard drives are significantly smaller then what is advertised on the box. Now Let’s discover, That Why Hard Drives Has Less Space Than Advertised?


Why Hard Drives Has Less Space Than Advertised:

A lot of people say that this is false advertising or that the manufactured lying about the size the hard drives. But this is actually not the case.They’re telling the truth.It all comes down to units. You see when you buy a hard drive the manufacturer will almost always display the size the hard drive in Gigabytes or Terabytes.
Now a Gigabyte is = 1,000Megabytes and a Terabyte is = 1,000 Gigabytes.However, Windows actually measures hard drive space in something called “Mebibytes” and “Gibibytes.”It does not display that it’s using these units, it displays the Gigabyte and Megabyte unit which leads to a lot of confusion. You’ll most definitely have no theard the se units are try to break it down. You see the Megabyte unit is “MB” [Capital MB]and Gigabytes is capital “GB”. But Mebibyte is capital “M”lower case “i” and capital “B” which is like “MiB”. And Gibibytes is capital “G”lower case “i” and capital “B” which is like “GiB”. So while Windows is truly measured in Gibibytes [GiB] and Mebibytes [MiB] its displaying Megabytes to Gigabytes. So when you plug in your hard drive it’s showing the wrong units. If you plug in a Terabyte hard drive it’ll probably be about 931 Gigabytes displayed in Windows. Now that’s not true. It’sactually 931 Gibitybes. 1 TB = 931 Gi bitybes [GiB].Because a Gibibyte is slightly larger than a Gigabyte.If you were to plug it in to Linux which measures in actual Gigabytes. You will see that hard drive is 1,000 Gigabytes.
Do The Math Yourself And Discover The Solution:
A Gibibytes is 1.074times the size of a Gigabyte. 1 GiB = 1.074 GB.If you divide 1000 by that unit 1.074you will get 931. Which is the size that Windows displays that as.
1000 GB / 1.074 GB/GiB = 931 GiB

Misconceptions About Gigabytes In Megabytes:

Now gonna clear up some misconceptions about Gigabytes in Megabytes.A lot of people seem to think there are 1,024 Megabyte sin a Gigabyte. But there are actually 1,024 Mebibytes in a Gibibyte [1 GiB = 1,024 MiB].And there are on fact 1,000 Megabytes in a Gigabyte. Now this misconception comes from random access memory manufacturers, RAM manufactures. When they display in the box that they have 4 gigabytes of RAM.For example: you’ll see that it says 4,096 Megabytes of RAM.Now they’re actually measuring in Gibibyte and Mebibytes again. because there are 1,024 Mebibytes in a Gibibyte. But again they displayed as Gigabytes and Megabytes. They do this because most people are familiar with just using Gigabytes in Megabytes.They’ve never even heard of Gibibytes in Mebibytes. Now you’re probably wondering where they came up with this unit Gibibytes and Mebibytes. They’re not a million are billion bytes like Megabytes and Gigabytes.So why they have its odd unit 1.074 gigabytes where did they come up with that?It’s actually pretty simple. Giga is prefix, means billion. Giga- = Billion = 10^9.So a Gigabyte is a billion bytes.And like wise Mega means million. Mega- = Million = 10^6. But Mebi and Gibibytes are little bit different.You see while Megabytes and Gigabytes are 10^6 and 10^9 bytes respectively. Mebibytes and Gibibytes are binary multiples.Which mean that Mebibytes = 2^20 Bytes and Gibibytes = 2^30 Bytes respectively.So from Mebibytes you multiply 2 it self 20 times and did the same thing for Gibibytes by 30 times. Now as you can see when you do that you’re not going to get a nice round number like a billion bytes. You’re going to get a strange number like specifically a Mebibyte is about 1.04 times of 10^6. Now this inconsistency is pretty much just for Windows. Ever tense Mac OS version 10.6, they’ve been reading file size in disk space as megabytes and Linux does this as well. But Windows still reads Gibibytes and Mebibytes as Gigabytes and Megabytes.

So I hope that was pretty clear.If you have any questions just leave a comment. Now hopefully when you go to and buy a hard drive you can understand where the sizes are coming from. And why might be a little smaller depending on your computer when you plug it in. And I hope this was really useful and be sure to Share This post and leave a comment.