what is web server

What is web server?

Do you know,what is web server? How does it work?

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Now we are talking about What is web server? Did you ever think,how to load this page in your browser? Think that, you are staying in front of your computer and you are reading this artical.This page has been opened in front of your browser.Or you maybe ,click on anotherlink and the page came in front of you.But,to complete the work behind the scenes to know about them?

This is a term associated with all things,That’s mean Web sever.

When people learn about web server,they often think that this is a physical giant computer, which is kept in a cold room.It looks like a super computer.

Is it right? So what is a web server?

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what is web server

What is web server?

All pages from the Internet browser on your computer work normally which reached until the server is completed. So,actually what is web server?

Actually,”Server” means not a giant computer.Not even a single computer.All pages from the Internet browser on your computer work normally which reached until the server is completed. There is no need to any computing system to operate them. It can possible to run the server software with atypical USB drives (pen) ,(XAMPP) .

Whichcomputer is used to host the website,Of course there is the need to install the server program.But, who is pleased to offer you the website hosting services,They have a lot of dedicated computing systems.Their huge computer servers like-APACHE,IIS or NGNIXis installed.

Or the server operating system, built-in like,-(Windows IIS (Internet Information Server), or Linux )Services can be provided to using the server.According to the terms, you can use your computer as a server.

If your computer is currently running on the Windows operating system,you can make local server or local host by using Control Panel “Programs and Features” option.After IIS is enabled once, “c: \ inetpub \ wwwroot” directory by entering any HTML file to be able to run on the server.If you want,you may able to run PHP scripts by installed (XAMPP) program on your computer. By using this program,many users use“WordPress”, “Joomla” etc. on their own computer.After making your PC to server,you may able to view your local host pages with any kind of browser. Also,it connects to your computer with your server on the same network can be accessed from any computer or smartphone.

I think,Now you’ve knewwhat is the real explanation of web server.Server is a basic term. Server helps to serve web page from a computer to another computer.

what is web server

How does web server work?

How does web server work?

When you insert a link to a Web browser to visit any site, the browser divided the link into three parts. At 1st it access the protocol ‘HTTP’ then try to find server name (example: https://techills.net) aftar that,It try to search the requested page.

Any confution? Let’s explain it…

First, the browser and the server’s IP address to the name server tries to make sense. If it found IP adress,it tries to establish a relationship between server machine and your web browser. And itConnect to port 80. A Ip adress has many port. And the ports are used for defferent works.

Example:Think that,you have requested for page or file to your server by http protocol,your browser will be connect on port 80.But if you want to manage or upload any file in FTP protocol,it will be connect on port 21. So,you may think the port as a door.

Come to the point, Aftar connected ip adress and correct port,it send a request to server for a page. If server accepet the request,it find out the page and verify whether to allowed for visible to user.If all is well, then the web server send HTML pages to the browser. It also sendServer Cookies. Browser reads the html tags from the pages.

what is web server

Client and Server

Client and Server:

Generally, as the machine is on the Internet, they can be divided into two,Client and Server. Which machine provides the service,that’s called server. And the client is,which is connected with the server and give the information needs. A server computer can be provides one or more service.

When you connect with Twitter,google+ or facebook to make it on your wall, check the Facebook page served by the server to you.Your PC recieve the page and make visible to you.Here,your PC doesn’t provide any service rather it recieves.So it is a user or client machine. But,when you share your photo or chatting with others,once your PC acts as a server and a client.When you send someone a photo on your computer,your computer acts as a server.When received a photo on your computer that acts as a client.

what is web server

Internet Website

Internet Website:

Internet is sort form of ‘Internetwork’. Internet is basically a network of computers which tied millions of the world in a the same wire.We see website, send e-mail, chat by internet.The Internet is a repository of information on the WWW is viewable interconnect.WWW was orogined from the proposal of Tim barnars lee in 1989.In a website,usually used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc Basic Language.And these documents or sites are stored in Sarver.

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