What is the  WorkStation computer and how are they different from other PCs?

In the computer world, they are probably divided into many different types for different purposes. There is a personal computer (PC), server (Server) and WorkStation. In this article we find out what the WorkStation computer is and how to distinguish them.

What is the WorkStation computer?

The WorkStation computer (workstation) is a special and specialized computer for work purposes such as scientific and technical research. In contrast to the intended use of the Server, the WorkStation has a strong configuration to work directly.


In heavy work with a personal computer, everything is small for the WorkStation.

Render Video at a glance. Because they have a lot of CPU cores and have a graphics card, rendering videos is just a small thing. If the personal computer or laptop takes 2 hours, the WorkStation can “handle well” within 15 minutes.

3D rendering, 3D design. Because these tasks require a terrible video card with the WorkStation, that’s a small thing!

Virtualization ? WorkStation machines can be used as virtualization machines to serve many different uses. It can even be divided into 4 independent computers on a physical WorkStation!

General characteristics of the WorkStation computer

Powerful configuration, WorkStation designed for application of research work or technical science, graphics. So, compared to desktop PCs, the WorkStation far exceeds the power of CPUs and graphics cards. They even handle multitasking better than the Server in every way.

Often they will have common characteristics such as:

  1. Multi-core CPU
  2. Bulk RAM
  3. Big screen resolution
  4. Powerful graphics card
  5. Large hard drive
  6. Superior heat dissipation, large or multiple fans

Whether it’s a desktop or a laptop, the WorkStation is cumbersome and heavier than others.

Advantages of  WorkStation machines

WorkStation computer

Operation 24/24

Workstations designed like servers in the face can operate 24/24 without a system error. RAM of the workstation is ECC RAM that corrects itself!


Workstations are so expensive that the internal components are also powerful! Built-in workstations often have superior durability compared to other categories.


Whether you make graphics or render videos, every operation is very fast and fast. Because they are made up of very strong and separate parts. For example, multi-tasking CPU, big RAM and transcendent graphics card. All calculations on the computer are almost instantaneous. You can save maximum time when working with a WorkStation!

Data safety

Workstations often run more than 1 hard drive under RAID mode. It depends on how many drives you have installed.

When installing a drive in RAID mode, all data is copied to another drive in case a drive is broken! Your data is always safe no matter what the problem.

Disadvantages of WorkStation

The downside is a lot of you guys!

Drink electricity like water

Because they are too powerful to handle work, so these machines drink electricity like water. You can imagine them consuming five times more electricity than regular computers. They need a lot of power to supply multi-core CPUs and other expensive components.

Price in heaven

A WorkStation that costs more than 100 million is too normal. We can meet 50 million worth of low-cost workstations!

The difference between WorkStation vs Server

Many of you confuse WorkStation and Server. I would like to point out some obvious differences:

  • The server is the hardware / software used to make requests from other computers connected to it. Is a computer without a monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • Workstations are higher performance computers used for a specific task, usually hardware and software on a workstation designed to provide the best performance in a single type of work (technical graphics 3D, video rendering, logic calculations, artificial intelligence …)
  • The server is the central component of the network, meeting service requirements in the network
  • The workstation can be connected to a network or independent systems as a normal computer
  • Workstations have personal I / O devices such as keyboards, mice and video interfaces. While servers are not required to have individual IO devices. Input / output devices are connected to multiple servers via a KMV switch in a server holder
  • GUI Workstations (Graphical User Interface). Otherwise the workstation is used for a number of specific scientific purposes related to an operating system designed with a CLI (Command – line – interface), but the servers are not required to have a GUI.

Experience in buying WorkStation

Whether you buy a WorkStation Laptop or desktop, don’t buy an external assembly. Assembling components with retail purchase will make them less durable.

When buying a WorkStation in the company, they had tests that could ensure you ran the best. The assembly machine of the company is tens of times more durable than the machine you assemble! By component components, assembly environment and compatibility between them. Everything is carefully calculated.

For laptop Workstation, you should not buy too old computers. They are often “squeezed” into heavy work. Buying them may put you at risk of data loss, unnecessary damage.

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