In some games, if VRAM is not big enough, you can not play high-end games or you have to play low-resolution games.What are Vrams and can they be raised?

What is a Vram?

Short of Video-RAM.With the Onboard graphics card integrated into the Northern Hemisphere chip or in the CPU, they take RAM as VRAM.With discrete graphics, they can have their own RAM or be used in conjunction with system RAM.

Graphics card “onboard”, also known as the integrated graphics card is a graphics chip is mounted on the motherboard (mainboard) of the computer.When looking at the specifications of a laptop, the information about the graphics card will write “Intel HD Graphics”, “GMA 4500HD” … if the computer users Intel processor, and on the computer with AMD processor, graphics chip carrying ATI / AMD name.

Because the onboard graphics card uses part of the system RAM, when you check, you will see some RAM shortage.There are a number of computers that can share a lot of RAM for a graphics card (from 750MB to 1GB) so that your computer runs smoothly and shows graphically, running applications should you purchase at least 4GB RAM for a laptop.

Have you upgraded to Vram?

Onboard graphics on laptops are not the same as discrete graphics cards that we can “comfortably” replace or upgrade another card.In most laptops, the graphics card is not changeable.But you can also increase the VRAM onWindowseasily through the BIOS settings.

With discrete graphics, you simply replace the other with a higher VRAM.

How to check the VRAM on the machine

You just follow the article (Link Comming Soon).In general, the lack of RAM will be the number of VRAM occupancy.Or simply press the Windows + R button to open the RUN dialog box.Then type “dxdiag” and hit enter.

what is vrma

what is vrma

How to upgrade/increase Vram

Set up 3D graphics in graphics card

Any laptop comes with the included video card driver and the manufacturer’s built-in management software.Most popular PCs now use Intel integrated graphics.

what is vrma

what is vrma


To refine 3D settings you right(Right click) on the desktop in any location (or right-click the Intel logo on the system tray – the right bottom of the screen), select graphics Properties(You can only choice This item has a full installation of the driver (video card driver).TheIntel Graphics and Media Control Panel interface appears, as shown below:

Click on the 3D position on the left, you will see an option to3D Preference2 Custom allows you to choose between performance(Performance) and quality(Quality).If you choose Performance to improve performance during gaming or graphics, 3D performance will be reduced, and vice versa if you increase 3D performance will result in slower frame rates (fps). and change performance.If you need graphics for gaming then the advice is you should to performance> quality.

Accelerate graphics card onboard by software

GMABooster: As the world’s first and only performance enhancement solution for the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator series, you can use this software to boost your onboard graphics performance up to 2.4. x and is a powerful tool for those who like the advanced 3D game experience.The solution is not only good for 3D games but also improves graphics when you watch HD video, works smoother when you watchGoogleEarth and a number of other professional graphics applications.


Android Slow; Why is my Android running Slow

The GMABooster allows the clock speed of theIntel Graphics Media Accelerator 950(945GM / GME / GMS / GSE943 / 940GML / GU Expres) to be up to 166/200/250/400 MHz and has an immediate effect. The game will be smoother.Please see here:

Another popular software known to many is theRazer Game Booster software from iObit.This software gives you a list of pre-installed game on your PC, just select the game you need to speed up the graphics.You can download at here:

VRAM for high-end machines is supported in the BIOS

You enter the BIOS setting during boot.

what is vrma

what is vrma

In the BIOS section, you will usually find Graphics Settings in the Settings or Advance section.You have to find yourself because they usually lie around these two functions.Then select Maximum memory if possible.The default is 8M, 16M or 32M, you increase the size up to maximum VRAM to help graphics more smooth.

Note that increasing VRAM will reduce the amount of RAM left forthe operating system.So the best way is to add more RAM, note when the RAM upgrade is the same with the manufacturer and clock to avoid conflict when running.