smartphone overheating

smartphone overheating

The causes and remedy of smartphone overheating problem:

Smartphone overheating is a general problem. We are who use smartphone, we often notice that the smartphone may become hot. Do you know why is this causes? And what is the remedy of this problem?

Today we will discuss about the causes and remedy of this problem.

The causes of Smartphones overheating:

Processor:Processor is like a main part of your smartphone. All works on your phone has done by processor.You use your phone or not, but the processor can always running and continue work on your phone. This processor is built with semiconductor materials. There is a lot of tiny electrons inside of processor.When the processor does its work, the electrons that are moving from one place to another place.While electrons are moving,they causes conflict inside their own and production heating. So, the more work your processor and a higher heat production.If you work less, example, just talking on the phone or listening to music on your phone, however, will be less warm.But if you playing the game and you’re downloading a file from the Internet together,normally your phone’s processor have to more work to do and for that your phone will be hot. So, processor is the first responsible for smartphone overheating.

Battery:At the time of batterycharge or discharge, it may become little bit warm up.Usually the smartphone is slim. For that, the machines are too much nearly between each other of equipment. If any reason battery become hot, it spread everywhere of the phone and make heat up.

Weak network signal: Suppose you’re in a place where the network signal is too weak. A lot of difficulty W i-F i or net signal coming to your smartphone.In this case your smartphone is more than the cost of charges. At this time, your phone apply more power in antennas. So that it can pick up good network on your phone. For that, your smartphone processor have to work a lot more to do.And smartphone may be overheating.

Additional play games:Your phone will warm up when you play games for over 10 to 15 minutes. But,if you play game more over time,your phone will heat up. Because when you play games, the processor and graphics chip have to work at their top speed or close to top speed. It’s generates more heat on your phone.

Ambient temperature:Ambient temperature is a one of the big causes of overheating phone. Think that,The ambient temperature nowadays is often 40 degrees in your location.Everything runs hot in your state or location. So it’s no surprise that your phone is heating up, especially if you have kept it on the dashboard of your car or in direct sunlight. It is normal. It only happened for ambient temperature.

Excessive load:If you work a lot at the same time your phone will be heated.Suppose, you are playing game,listening music,using internet at the same time. In this situation, processor have to work it’s top speed. And It make your phone heat.

What problems might be face for overheating smartphone?

Smartphones overheating may decrease the performance of your phone.Smartphone’s processor is made in such a way that when it become hot, it reduces the amount of work. So that it can be cold.To reduce the processor, it automatically reduces the performance of your smartphone. Some times,your phone can be hangs.


Your smartphone can work in normal conditions can be heated up to 35-47 degrees Celsius.It happens normally to everyone. So, Don’t worry.

How to protect smartphones from overheating:

  • Keep updating your phone’s software.
  • As well as keep stop running apps.
  • Try searching for on a regular basis that some apps in the background taking up space. Remove or stop them temporarily.
  • Use a good anti-virus.
  • Do not make a call when the battery is on low signal.

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