In life, sometimes we need to record a call for a job or note some important information, but if you want to record the call you need to install the application is very troublesome. heavy machine.So how to record calls on the iPhone without any 3rd party applications and no jailbreak.The following OSXDaily tutorial will give you details on how to record a call as an audio file.

Before proceeding, you should note that in accordance with the law you must notify the person you are calling or receiving the call that the conversation is being recorded by you.In addition, in order to be able to perform call recording this way, you need to successfully install the voicemail service (voice mail) with the phone number attached to the device.

Voicemail (voicemail) is a service that provides mailboxes for subscribers who can send voice and audio messages to a registered mailbox. Mailbox subscribers can be phone subscribers or anyone and can access the mailbox through any phone to send and receive messages. Especially when subscribers register this service will be saved the message when a subscriber called in the status of the machine does not reply.

Call recording on iPhone

To record a call on your iPhone do the following:

record a call from iphone

record a call from iphone

First open the iPhone app and do the normal call to some subscribers.

Step 2:

You can let the other party know that you are recording a call.Or notify them to wait a bit for you to perform the operation.

Step 3:

record a call from iphone

record a call from iphone

While making a call, press the “Add Call” button and then enter your phone number again. After successful import, the content of the call will be sent directly to your voicemail.

Step 4:

record a call from iphone

record a call from iphone

When voicemail starts recording, you continue to press the “Merge Calls” button to merge the voicemail message with the call in progress from step 1.

Step 5:

record a call from iphone

record a call from iphone

After the call ends, the recording will appear in “Voicemail” in iPhone’s Phone application.

This method works perfectly regardless of whether you use the visual voicemail service (VVM) or not. But if you want to save and share voicemail to a file in the normal audio format then you must have the VVM function and have Make calls to your voice mailbox itself.

Hopefully, with this article, you will successfully implement the recording wizard on this iPhone.

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