Normally, when you need towIFIin a new place, you can ask to be provided login password.However, if the password is difficult to remember, how to connect quickly?Now with iOS 11, Apple devices can share Wifi without having to enter a password.


To accomplish this, the person who wants to share must have a Mac running MacOS High Sierra or an iOS device using iOS 11 respectively.They also need to be on your contact list.First Bluetooth and wifi on two devices must turn on (in which a device is connected wifi available).

First you needto share wifito Settings> Wi Fi and select wifi to connect, a message board asking for the password to show up.

Share Wifi

Get closer to the other person and make sure the distance between you two is not too far away because the two devices need to be connected toBluetooth, just make sure you two in the same room can do.

When your device appears prompting for a password, the other person’s machine also pop-up asking if you want to share wifi with the other person’s computer, click on share.Note that this is a way of sharing the device running macOS with IOS, between the IOS devices together, click “Send password”.

share wifi

share wifi

After the other person has clicked share, your computer will automatically fill in the password andconnect to the wifiimmediately without any further action.It can be seen with IOS 11, Apple has listened to users more and more utilities that previously only jailbeak made