samsung internet browser

Samsung internet browser

Samsung brought its own Samsung internet browser for smartphone and tablet.

We all know, Samsung is international brand. Samsung is south Korean multinational conglomerate company. It was founded in 1 March 1938. It comprises numerous affiliated businesses. Samsung mobile phones, tabs are available in the hole world wide. Because of it’s popularity. It is the 1st time, Samsung brought it’s own Samsung internet browser for smart phone and tablet.

Samsung internet browser available in google play store

Samsung internet browser available in google play store

South Korean technology company Samsung brings a new Internet browser for smartphones and tabs. They named this browser is, ” Samsung internet”.The app is now available in the Google Play Store. Now it is 4.1 rating in play store. The browser is still now a beta version.Starting from the android lollipops 5.0 version to latest nougat version or more than upgrading version can be used this internet browser. This browser also can be used by installing in the google Nexus phones.From now, it will be pre-installed on all Samsung phones.

By the way, now it is not open for all countries. You can just use it now in Samsung Galaxy, nougat, google Nexus, pixel or update version operating system.

After exposed to the full version,it will be used any android phone. For use this browser you have to download and install from google play store.

The exceptional matter of this internet browser:

Samsung has tried to keep enough light to the browser.Samsung internet browser has some special features.

  • It has online ‘payment request’ API User Facility. So,Samsung Pay transactions can be done by using the browser.

  • It supports 360-degree video. So, users can enjoy the 360-degree video without any “Gear V R headset”.
  • It has a QR code reader facility.

  • It has Picture-in-Picture mode.
  • Amazon Shopping Assistant facility.

  • Web payments facility.
  • The browser has also, Duck Duck Go search engine facility.

  • Like all other browsers, it also has personal moods,advantages, synchronous and others facility.

  • Generally, by default Touch Wiz interface with its own calendar, e-mail, own browser in Samsung phones.In addition, Samsung has come up with this browser by thinking about other other devices users.

Hope that, Samsung will expose the full version soon for all countries and android.

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