run Android apps on your desktop with BlueStacks

run Android apps on your desktop with BlueStacks

How to run Android applications on your desktop with BlueStacks?

If you have an Android app, which you really want to run on your computer, now you can! There is an easier way to run your PC or Mac Android update in addition to the muddling of Moonlighting as an Android developer. By using BlueStacks, you can run Android applications on your desktop in a simple way. Find out more…

What is the BlueStacks?

Bluestacks is basically an American technology company that creates and exports Blue Stack App players and other cloud-based cross-platform products. BlueStacks is basically a standalone virtual machine designed to run on Android or Mac computers for Android.It comes pre-installed with the Play Store, and in few minutes you can start running from zero to play your favorite apps.

The whole experience is incredibly modern hardware (Blue stacks have been running for almost a year and basically a fantastic rocky alpha-software experience is now quite polished) and even some things that did not do so well. The problems with web cams or applications such as host computer access Need GPS info.But, now it works wonderfully.

Think that, a game of mobile- which you want to play it on your PC with a large screen and more comfortable interface with lot of enjoy. Or maybe you’re using a specific Android application to manage your to-do lists or calendars. It is difficult to install different Android apps.Rather than coming out of the trouble of installing the whole Android software development kit (SDK) in imitation of Andorid, we are going to use a really cool and free tool, which is named BlueStacks.

How to install BlueStacks?

To start with BlueStacks, just read the title on their download page and select the appropriate suitable installer for your computer. Though we are using Windows in our example, but the process for Mac will be quite similar.After finished download of installer, turn it on. You will be accepted through the normal application installation process, make sure that you want to access the BlueStacks App Store and Application Communications. Also, make sure that these two options are checked by you.

Later, you will be asked to create a BlueStacks account by using your Google Account to sign in. A BlueStacks account gives you access to some interesting features. Like you can play other games, when you’re chatting with other BlueStacks users. But the best feature is that it syncs your settings between your devices. So if you have BlueStacks installed on your desktop and laptop, everything will be Similar, where you are using it. After completing the profile setup, you will be presenting BlueStacks GUI and your now run Android device:

If you launch a new Android tablet for the first time, you will run through the basic setup. However, Choose your language, then sign in with your Google account. If you want to access it to Play Store and get other features, you have to sign in with your google account. and for the first time setting up an Android device, with the other things you do.

Speak to sign in, be cautious: you’ll get two security alerts from Google that you’ve only signed in to Windows and Firefox when you have the above two steps (for the first time to create your Google Account and sign in to your Google Account).This reason is to identify itself as a Firefox browser covering the Blue Stack and it identifies itself as an S5 using Emulation Signals for its Android hardware. None of their security e-mails is a matter of concern or worry.

How to run Android applications by using BlueStacks?

Once you have done the Android setup process, it will dump your new emulated Android device right on the home screen. You can see-The settings menu is still there, the Play Store is still it’s place, and you can open the Settings menu by clicking on their Start or the Application drawer and click on Application.Use your mouse as you use your finger on the screen Or, if you have a touch screen monitor, then be free to use your actual finger. To download some apps, let’s start by clicking the Play Store icon:

You can now start browsing applications immediately by category. Or you also can run it from search terms in the white search box, which is located at the top of the screen. If you already have an Android device and you use it regularly, however, by clicking on the emulated copy of your Android device you click on a menu icon on your phone or tablet, highlighting it in red.

In the slide-out menu, select “My apps & games” in the sidebar. There, by selecting the “ALL” tab, you can see all your Google Accounts and all the downloaded applications using your Google Account, including all the free and premium apps you purchase.

After scrolling through our list of applications, we’ve really got a perfect Android app that we really liked, but we did not get a good replacement for the desktop. Example,like Pamodoro Technique Timer.We need to click on “Install” and click Broom, now we get Pomodroido access on the desktop. It’s easy enough.Two things you’ll want to take note of: One is- the sidebar below, and and other is, the navigation bar across the top. Use the screenshots at the top to start up as a reference point.

First, you’ll notice that there are some tabs. Instead of using a bad emulating button adjustment to call up the task switch, BlueStacks will present each and every individual Android application in a tabbed format just above.To switch the app, click on any given tab you will see a blue arrow icon at the right of the navigation bar. This “BlueStacks Premium” button upgrades. Though BlueStacks is free, but it comes loaded with some sponsored games.

Beside to the premium icon, you will see a small icon in the shape of WASD keys on the keyboard. This icon becomes gray, unless you play a game. It allows to map a game controller function, as shown below with Clans of Clans. Below the next row, you will see an envelope icon. By clicking on this icon your notifications are drawn, just when you are a mobile exactly when you are using Android on a mobile device, where you can read and delete them.

Next icon, a gear, for the settings menu. Here you can resume your emulated Android device, check for updates, change the settings of BlueStacks. You can found in under “Preferences” menu. Or go to the actual settings of the Emulated Android device.The last three icons are used as a Standard Windows interface icon for shortening the screen or turning it off to full screen mode. Now see the sidebar, where we find some useful functions.

On the left side, blue and green two icons above, BlueStacks-for certain functionality and allowing you to chat with other Blue Stack user streams and other Blue Stats users, respectively. The next icon down allows you to change the screen rotation. The next icon, a small phone that looks like a vibrating, triggers some events that triggers trigger a button that emits your device using a shaking motion.

Camera icon to take a screenshot of your Android device and get a map marker icon below. If you click the marker you can set a fake GPS location for your device that allows you to move anywhere in the world.The “APK” icon allows you to sideline the apps in the Play Store, if your PC contains the installer file. Folder icon launches Windows File Browser so that you can select files to import into your emulated Android device. Finally, the last three icons copy text or photos to your device’s clipboard through your computer’s clipboard, stuck to android on your computer’s clipboard and adjust the volume.

Hopefully, your Android device is now running smoothly.Now you know how to run your favorite android apps in your PC.You must like this interfaces. Now download your favorite app and enjoy them at your big, spacious desktop PC!


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