Ransomware attack again

Ransomware attack again

Ransomware attack again!! Many of the people are affected.

Again the Ransomware virus was attacked. There have been several types of organizations in several countries in this attack across Europe. Many computer systems have been damaged byRansomware attack.In Tuesday’s this attack caused on Russia’s largest oil company’s cyber system. Ukrain’s bank system has been damaged by this attack, the computer system of multinational companies has stalled and the shipping and many advertising firm’s activities have been closed.The new Ransomware attack is on the red list of neighboring India.

Cyber ​​experts say that this attack was similar to the Wanna Cray Ransomware attack that happened just a few days ago. A report in Gazette Naho said that this attack was primarily attacked in Europe, London, Ukraine, Russia and India. The Swiss government’s information technology agency confirmed the attack.

Helsinki-based cyber security firm F-Secure’s Chief Research Officer Mikik Hyponen said the attack was similar to that of Wanna Cray attacks.They say that the attack can hit the United States. But if attacks in the United States, it could bring something bad. But from the US Department of Homeland Security, it has been said that they are monitoring the new wave of warheads that have been attacked in the world. Accordingly, they will also be taken to the system. In May, there was a worldwide attack of Wanna Cray virus. More than 300,000 computer systems were damaged in that attack. However, many of them were exempted for the $ 300 ransom.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a virus that takes control of the user’s own hands. Ransomware is a known malware or harmful computer program. Which prevents the use of computers or mobile phones. It is a matter of demanding a kind of ransom. It basically sneaks into a computer and takes the important folder under its control. The user then asked for 300 dollars if they want to get into that folder.In the beginning of May 2012, about 100 countries have attacked this cyber attack with this virus. Among them are Spain, Russia, France. In England, 48 National Health Service, Scotland, 13 National Health Service may be severely damaged. Some hospitals are taking advance arrangements.

The virus shown infected computers, their demand is $ 300. All the documents will be returned if they are given. Melware Tech reported that they have registered a domain so that it can detect and destroy the spread of viruses.

How to attack the ransomware?

In the Microsoft Windows software, the virus has worked very well. The United States was able to detect the first virus. Ransomar’s Windows PCs used to make use of security. Generally, Windows XP has more attacks, but Windows 7,8,10 has been attacked. It is a matter of concern for those of us like Bangladesh who also keep important data, including online payments, different types of passwords, in Bangladesh.

How to Keep Your Computer Safe From Ransomware?

Unrecognizable or spam email and its attachment will not be open from the file. The hackers are encouraged to click and send mail through various lucrative offers, so do not click on any offer national mail. Flag and spam that mail. Do not visit any related sites related to security vulnerabilities, do not download any software or files from those sites. Going to nonprofit websites, be careful about downloading software and software.

Those who are using Windows PCs, get quicker updates or use Linux. Use software purchased without trial, crack or free software. Please purchase from each software license and reliable site. Do not forget to see better reviews and ratings. Keep a backup of computer files in cloud storage. Currently Dropbox, on Google Drive, you get 15 GB of free cloud storage.It is possible to prevent anti-virus software, but no security is 100 percent safe.

Hope this article will benefit you. And will help to survive the virus. Techills is always with you. Thanks for stay with us.