protect computer from virus

protect computer from virus

How to Protect computer from Viruses, Hackers, Thieves and others?

People often suffer from computer security problems.Life become unbearable because the Teasing of hackers or viruses. Here are some basic and important things to Protect computer. By following them, you can protect your computer easily. If you haven’t knew them before, you should know them just for your computers or laptops protection. Hope, that will be helpful for you. So, let’s learn the tips.

Use a good antivirus

Use a good antivirus

Use a good antivirus software.

You should be use a good and trusted antivirus. Though, there are no antivirus that can guarantee for 100% safety, but it can protect your device by it’s possibility.For as long as computers have been and will be in existence, whether connected to the Internet or not, there will always be need for antivirus software.Antivirus software is a kind of program that helps to protect your computer against most viruses, worms, and other unwanted invaders that can make your computer sick.Antivirus is an important tool to help prevent such attacks. Not every type of cyber-attack can be prevented with antivirus software, but it can be a great asset when trying to prevent intrusion into a computer.

Antivirus software isn’t just for computer that are attacked from the Internet or web. Viruses can be spread via portable storage drives or memory chip cards. Conceivably, a person can plug any devices into a computer in a library, then bring it home to a computer without any online capabilities, and spread some kind of malware in this manner. Antivirus can protect you from these. Antivirus software can detect when a device has been infected with spyware, that’s meant to either collect data of usage or steal information, even when the source came from a reputable, legitimate source.Moreover, It can detect the error before crushed virus, malware, or cyber-attract.

Remember before install the antivirus in your device, at first make sure that the antivirus you are going to install is good quality, good ability, have a licence and made by recognized organization. If you feel safe, then install the antivirus and use your computer comfortably.

Enable Automatic Updates

Enable Automatic Updates

Enable Automatic Updates:

All the software we use constantly is likely riddled with security issues. Those security issues are constantly being found in, Windows, Microsoft office, Adobe Flash plugin/reader, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc. Now days, many operating systems and programs are coming with automatic updates to close those security holes. You have no need to click any button or download a file to update your software. it’ll update itself in the background without any input from you.

Though many users like to turn off their automatic update to save their internet package or MB. But, You should turn on your automatic update because, the update versions are always better than the previous version. And the systems released their new update to improve their previous version.These updates not only fix bugs, but they patch security holes.

Use a Better Passwords, and Automate Them

Use a Better Passwords, and Automate Them

Use a Better Passwords, and Automate Them:

You may probably know that passwords are very important, but you maybe don’t know how important passwords are! Most of the people use their passwords very simply! Moreover, it is seen that the same password is used everywhere.As a result, when someone knows the passwords in one place, they also become aware of the other passwords.That could put you in danger.Hackers may steal your information or other data.

So be careful about your passwords.You need to use long passwords and you also need to use different ones on every site and service.You should also have a different password on your computer and a pass code on your phone too. That can give you extra security. Its an easy, most usable and important way to keep your information secure. Remember, having a password on your computer and phone will stop random people from just picking up and using your device. So, try to use a better password just for your own security.

Be Careful About those Programs that You Download and Run:

So much of the malware Windows users encounter seems to be as a result of accidentally downloading and installing bad or unknown software. So always be careful and aware about the programs you download and run.Only you should download and run those software that’s widely known and trustworthy, or recommended by any trustworthy sites. Make sure you always get the software from its official website not from other unknown site.Because, hackers spread their malware on various sites.And we easily fall into that trap.

When you downloading any software, be sure to watch out for advertisement banners disguised as ‘Download’ links that will take you elsewhere and try to trick you into downloading possibly malicious software.And when you acquire pirated or cracked any software from peer-to-peer networks or shady websites then youre taking a big risk for your device!So, don’t download and run any software that you don’t know well. And make sure before installing that the software is trusted and widely known. Otherwise you fall in risk!

Never leave your device to others,When you’re not there :

It is often seen that you leave your device close to other and go outside.That may be, your friend or office colleague or anyone. But, it shouldn’t to do.They may steal your stored data.All it takes is a kid with slightly-more-than-basic computer knowledge to get at all your data, and if they have your computer in their hands, it will be a lot easier. Moreover, With a chip or memory card, your computer may insert viruses or malware.Which may ruin your device’s program. And you may fall in danger! So,beware of them, to whom you’re leaving your device.

Be aware of links that come in the mail and popup notification:

You should not open emails from people you don’t know, and don’t click on links in emails that unknown and you dont trust. What you think, is it enough? No! That’s not enough! Because, A lot of times, malicious links can come from friends who have been infected, or from emails that look legitimate, but these links are actually fake. If you want to be truly secure, its best to never click on links in emails.

If you seen that a website tells you like this, Flash is out of date, Chrome needs to be updated, or a plugin needs to be added, pump your brakes, etc type on popup notification. Mind it, This is a common trick to get you to install something for an attacker. Hackers spreed malware by this popup notification. If you think the pop-up might be legitimate, you still don’t click on it and be safe.

So, friends, I hope you like today’s article.And this is a good lesson for you. You learn better something from this article. By followed those tips, hope that you will be safe from danger of your device. Stay with us to get more good article. Thank you.