Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin

Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin

Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin edition goes on sale in Russia with an unbelievable price.

Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin edition has made by Russia. A few days ago, Nokia market back those legendary mobile phone phones Nokia 3310.In the early days of mobile regime,the Nokia 3310 model was got a huge success.The mobile won the hearts of the people.Some days ago, after 17 years the debut of the popular Nokia 3310 phone is Nokia’s new returned to the market again. You may read more:The Father,Nokia 3310 has Returned.

But you’ll be surprised to hear that, Russian manufacturer of luxury phones Caviar just announced the Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin, a redesigned version of the recently announced Nokia 3310 refresh.

The Exceptional matter of Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin:

  • This special edition of the Nokia 3310 supremo Putin has a special nobility.
  • The device is priced at approximately $1700 and its case is made of gold and titanium.
  • The mobile has overlaid with gold.
  • That button and the phone’s other bling are ‘Gold titanium case gold plated’.
  • The Russian national anthem has been carved in the outer part of the phone.
  • Russian supremo Vladimir Putin’s face had been carved with gold in the middle part of the back of the phone,
  • The Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin was designed to celebrate the Russian Federation and its current president.
  • The mod means the phone’s main button gains, a miniature image of the coat of arms of the Russian Federation.
  • The phone also ships in a “luxurious varnished wooden case” lined with black velvet.
  • The device is priced at approximately $1700.

This phone is basically ready for Russia’s Putin supporters and the priced an approximately set to about $1700.Despite the high price,the organization expect that the ‘Russian nationalist people’ will surely buy this phone for the shake of “Vladimir Putin”.

Who is Vladimir Putin?

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

  • Name: Vladimir Putin
  • Occupation: Prime Minister,President (Non-US)
  • Birth Date:October 7,1952
  • Place of birth:Leningrad, Russia.
  • Education:Leningrad State University.

Vladimir Putin served as president of Russia from 2000 to 2008, and was re-elected to the presidency in 2012. He previously served as Russia’s prime minister. In 2014, he was reportedly nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

In spite of its high price, it is expected that the phone will have a good response in the market.