Nokia 3310 has ReturnedNokia 3310 has Returned

Nokia 3310 has Returned…

17 years after the debut of the popular Nokia 3310 phone is Nokia’s new returned to the market again.
Aftar 2005 Nokia 3310 wasn’t brought in the market.Before closing the production of the phone in the year of 2005 ,Twelve and a half million more prepared this model Nokia phones.

In short, almost lost from the market once again the most popular mobile phone brand Nokia proudly returned to the market.

Old Nokia 3310

Old Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 has Returned with new looks.

You may see the old Nokia 3310 vertion in the photo. The new Nokia 3310 are not exactly like the old 3310.However, the shape of the old phone, including the most popular features have been kept intact some features of this phone, but it’s basically a feature of smartphones.

Technology consulting firm CCS Insight Ben Wood said, “3310 was the first widely-sold mobile and there is a widespread nostalgia for the people.If only three Androed phonewould be doubt in market place,whether their newspaper a column inch.”

New looks of Nokia 3310

New looks of Nokia 3310

What does this mobile:

The Nokia 3310 has Returned.But,Some features of this phone, but it’s basically a feature Smartphone.In alimited scale the Internet can be used. It has a camera which istwo-megapixel powerfull.However, in 3310 the old phone did not have any camera. In that period, people did not know how to use the camera and Internet on mobile phones.The phones also did not allowed camera and internet.

However, its battery is the same as before.

The statement of phone makers,”Once the full charge of it’s battery will stand up to a month!”And they also said that,”With this bettery, can be talk over 22 hours!”

The old 3310 phone hadblack and white screen.ButThe new phone has a colorful desply.

You will be surprised to hear that,This phone Has beenpopular ‘Snake’ game. But, not the classic version.You can play the game with modern snake version.