network port

network port

What is the network port ? Learn more things about network port.

In previous days, computers were just used for limitation works.There was only one or two program for specific work and the computer was not any operating system. With the increase in popularity of computers, the machine is now becoming more universal and easier to use.Has made it easier for a network port.

A computer is now able to work with one of the countless forms,and as well as able to connected with others devices. But how to network multiple computers to access each other’s services, and the share among themselves. And here comes the network port requirements.Let’s learn more things about network port:

What is the network port?

What is the network port?

What is the network port?

With out networking,a lot of computing systems will obsolete. Network port may be a port is simply a channel of communication which is numbered between 1 and 65000. All network devices use them and most have the ability to change them when required. They were originally created to allow multiple programs to use the same IP address.Basically it’s a network port.

I already say before, with out networking,a lot of computing systems will obsolete.Not only the Internet, if your computer is fitted with a printer, but also come under Networking.Before we can understand the network port, let’s consider some of the computer hardware port.May be you know, a lot of different devices and ports on your computer for it’s needed. Such as printers, USB drives, modems, etc. are connected to the USB port, Display or HDMI port, or VGA port to connect the projector , for planting internet or Ethernet cable, your computer has a Ethernet cable.Thus, several different ports of the connection is completed separate work.

When referring to a physical device, a hardware port or peripheral port is a hole or connection found on the front or back of a computer. Ports allow computers to access external devices. Below is a short listing of the different computer ports you may find on a computer. Local networks, such as computing system can be a lot of work. For example, you can transfer files, print commands can be downloaded or uploaded to the website and so on.

Suppose you have a computer that connected to the network,And you want to upload a file to the computer then surely you will have to interact with,the computer’s hard drive or storage. So it is necessary to be connected to your particular port.

Your computer’s USB port, Ethernet port, serial port are called hardware port. But TCP / IP port of the space is called virtual or network port.Network ports used in a variety of different computer hardware or software is to provide access to services.Each computer or web server-specific work being done by the port.For example, a server serves Web pages and files to transfer by using HTTP / FTP protocols.But of course the server port 80 (HTTP port) and port 21 (FTP port) is open. And if you connect to the server of the website that you want to download, of course you will be connected to the port 80. And if you want to transfer files to be connected to port 21.

Server port

Server port:

Suppose you have a computer connected to a server or network port to connect to the specific service you want to access, However, the server must have this port open.If the ports are open for the world to survive And if the firewall does not block connection, then the server can be connected to the port.However, note a few things, that is not a web server that works across only port 80. You install the web server software on your own computer And the Web server was selected for the port 918. However, the Web server will working in that port.Here you do not have to do anything by force. It is not a job or a certain number of ports that must be open. However, all the advantages that it is like others.

If you selected any other Web server port with out port 80, However, when you enter the site , you have to added port with Site IP and domain.When you access the (HTTP, port 80) web interface on your browser, you type http://techills/into your browser window. What most people don’t think is that when they do this their browser automatically looks for http://techills:80/. All the websites on the Internet use port 80 so rather than have you type this in all the time, your browser assumes that because you are using HTTP , you mean to use port 80 and appends it to your address. If you were to type in :80 after a website address you will still see the site as normal.

You have opened a web server on port 918, you have to write in the browser the site domain with added your server port to access the site.If you do not added that port, the default browser will try to connect to port 80. Therefore, in accordance with certain rules, a several port is used for service.So that port not to be mentioned separately. and applications can be understood by default port.


Networks, ports, routers, cables, etc. has been holding the internet structure. With out these things, internet can not be imagined. And the most interesting thing is that they work together at the speed of light.Due to the various port facilities internet and networking may become more easier. Hope that, you have learn something from this article. stay with us for more article. Thanks for reading.