misconceptions of computer

Misconceptions of computer

The misconceptions of computer.

Hello! Everyone,Today we will discussing about The Misconceptions of computer.

We are who using the computer,many we have victim of computer misconception. But we don’t know,actually what is the wrong.After reading this post you should stop believing in misconseption of computer.


Misconceptions of restart

Misconceptions of restart

Misconceptions of restart:

Aftar installed any program,you have to restart your computer. Have you learnedthat before? If you don’t restart,what will happen? Doesn’t program work?

After installed a program,you may see your pc will command you to restart your pc . But,90% time,no need to restart pc after installed a program . However,some times you have to need restart your computer. Many times after installed the software,the new software needs to modify some files which has already locked by using another software. The PC may needs to restart to access that.However, such a requirement would be 5 times for 100 times.So,you may comfortably use your PC without restart in maximum times.Skip,if your pc asked to restart. Trust me,nothing will happend.Your computer will continue as before.


Misconceptions of unsafe windows

Misconceptions of windows security

Misconceptions of windows security:

If you regularly on the Internet, of course, you will be heard the sentence,There is no security to use windows. Many bloggers and youtube’rs are said that,attackers and virus makers are targeted the windows for making viruses. That’s why, theopportunity quickly become infected by the virus for used windows.However,This statement is true, most of hackers target Windows, so that the virus could be expanded quickly.

However, if you keep Windows updated regularly,Keep backup of your data,andby followed my tips,you can really be safe!

Remenber,mostly hack attack has been happend due to yourcarelessness. Windows is not responsible this.More ever,the hackers need to find out yourSystem error for attact. Maybe,there are any errors on your installed software.Or you’re using any crack software.

If you want to be safe,you must keep and regularly update on Windows Update.Use the updated version of the installed software. And obiliously,far away from the crack softwares.

misconceptions of pen-drive

Misconceptions of using pen-drive

Misconceptions of computer-of using pen-drive:

While you are coping any file to media,if you unplugged your media before finished,Your media storage can be currepted.But,if you know that it is not coping any file orCopy end.In this situation,Just drag and unplug your media. Don’t worry.Will not be any problem.But,If you run software by any portable USB drive And if you do not know,Whether using a file system,Click to safely eject the removable disk or eject storage media would be good.

However,at 99% times,just drag and unplug the media device.



Is Anti-virus needs?

If you think that,you’ve no need to use any anti-virus, you are wrong! You should take all possible security measures.Otherwise, You will be infected by the virus any time. Think that,you are visiting a website.Which is affected byMalware.There are some malware that can begin working as soon as you load into your browser. You do not need to click any where or install anything.In this situation, the hacker can steal information from your browser. Likes,Your credit card numbers, online account password,etc…

There is a large database of malicious sites on antivirus program.As a result, users can receive a warning before visiting.So we need to use a good quality anti-virus software.

But,Anti-virus can not give you 100%guarantee that your system will not infected by the virus. It also can not etect new viruses or modified old viruses. Because, this database is not stored on your Antivirus. Anti-virus only can detect them,which are already in their database.

However,you can pretty much stay safe by using Anti-virus.

Misconceptions about Internet speed

Misconceptions about Internet speed

Misconceptions of computer- about Internet speed:

Many people think, If they purchasing a fast internet speed the websites will load a lot of fast and the download also be fast. But,it’s a wrong idea!

However, if you have a 10-20 MBPS connection, your page will be faster than others. And you can get better download speeds. But,if you have 50 MBPS or some nearby speed,You can not understand the difference.Most of the time, the website does not use a good server.They do not have to support millions of users.However, if you download anything formGoogle Drive, YouTube, Amazon Cloud, etc, You may get good speed.Other web sites are keept theirBandwidth server in a limitation. So that,they can give service many users.High-speed servers need to be much stronger for everyone,But that’s very expensive for them. As it’s so much expensive,so theykeept theirBandwidth server in a limitation.

Misconceptions about RAM

Misconceptions about RAM

Misconceptions about RAM:

Many people think that,The more RAM would be better. This statement is true but the mean over all the time not beneficial.If you are a middle man to computing, the 8 GB RAM should be enough for all your work. But,if you’ve used RAM hungry applications like –Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier or virtual machines, etc. However,of course the more RAM is ideal for you.But if you’ve been thinking more RAM will increase your PC’s speed,In maximum times,it’s wrong thinking.

Use as much RAM as much as you need.

Misconception about Refresh

Misconception about Refresh

Misconception about Refresh:

Windows users are addictive to refresh like taking drugs.On the computer with the 100 times Refresh,To work 00 times Refresh, and also to refresh the computer off.But ever you wondered what happens when the refresh? Everyone says that,PC may fast by refreshing. They are right but sometimes instead, your PC may become slow.

Do you know,Each time you refresh the window to reload all the icons and files? It may loss your computing power.Think that, 200video files in a folder that contains your PC.Now when you open the folder to load the video files from the thumbnail folder will take a little time to get dressed.If you now set the refresh there,sothe thumbnail files to be reloaded again.That’s why,the windows explorer may become slow. It can’t get any benefit.So stop refreshing.

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