According toThe Verge, Microsoft and Xiaomi have signed a memorandum on cooperation in the field tight cloud computing, AI (artificial intelligence) and hardware.

The fact that a US company is working with a Chinese company in the field of artificial intelligence may sound unnatural (as the US government has often expressed concerns about security risks to some Chinese companies) but because both the United States and China are the largest markets for AI-related products and services, the deal has a reason to set up.

More specifically, Microsoft is planning to allow Xiaomi to use their cloud computing products (including Azure) to develop phones, laptops and smart devices and bring them to market. international.At the same time, the partnership will also help Microsoft increase its influence in the Chinese market.

Both companies are also discussing the possibility of integrating Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant with Mi AI,a low-cost speaker with Xiaomi’s modern features.So far, Microsoft has just developed a Cortana-powered smart speaker, the Harmon Kardon Invoke, and it has struggled to compete with Amazon’s popular virtual assistant speakers in the market. or Google.

microsoft and xiaomi

microsoft and xiaomi

In addition, the two technology companies are also negotiating on projects using Microsoft’s various AI technologies, including AI, voice, and services such as Bing, Edge, and Skype.

Since the two sides signed the memorandum, their cooperation relationship is not legally binding.It is unclear at this time whether the agreement will entail any financial issues.

Microsoft and Xiaomi have a co-operative relationship beginning in 2015 when they signed a Windows 10 test contract on Xiaomi devices.Last year, Xiaomi ranked fifth in terms of smartphone shipments with 92.4 million units, behind OPPO, Huawei, Apple and Samsung (IDCfigures).

Remember, Xiaomi stated in a press release that they are benefiting from the world’s leading technology in the cloud and AI of Microsoft.

microsoft and xiaomi

microsoft and xiaomi

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With the handshake between Microsoft and Xiaomi, it can be seen, many cooperative relationships between large corporations are beginning to appear.Tencent and Samsung have announced they will jointly invest in AIs and games after information about an agreement between the two companies appeared at CES last month.