how to make smartphone faster?

how to make smartphone faster?

Have your smartphone got slow? Do you want to know,how to make smartphone faster? If is it, so this post is only for you.

Then when you bought a new phone,it was too fast, and there were a lot of good work. But,how is slowly decreasing its efficiency? What is the reason of became slow? How to do make smartphone faster?

I am going to tell you,the causes of the smartphone slow and about the construction and remedy.

The causes of smartphone become slower:

⊗ Faulty software update:

For slow your smartphone, the biggest reason is the faulty software update.

Phone manufacturers Company has to give you regular OTA updates for your phone. You can upgrade the phone system by OTA update system.For example, you can go to lollipop from KitKat or you can upgrade from lollipops to Marsamyalo. Seen a lot of time on your phone, the phone is slow after upgrading to the latest version. Because,this is not to optimize for new updates to your phone.

Applications Update:

When you may install an app on your phone,you may see the apps from the Play Store update was asked to host. When App Creators are looked that, many new strong phones are coming on the market,while the app has been updated in order to improve the quality of the application. But it is not necessary to optimize the updates for your phone.some people may update their apps,when they look up any updates version. But,they did wrong. That’s why, your smartphone may be slow. Because the updated applications are always larger than the previous version. And if uses more storage and RAM.

⊗ Too many apps installed:

We have a lot of apps installed around on our phones,just for checking the app.Then again, the app may uninstalled. But there are a lot of apps installed on the phone can not be completely gone from the phone.They left a lot of files on the phone.These files are called junk files.Due to the excessive junk files in your phone memory read and write speed may be reduced. For that,Your smart phone can operate Slow.

⊗ Fragmented files:

To use the phone a lot with time, we started to save files.For example, we store a lot of photos, save videos, many music stores scattered in various folders and files into the reserve. Due to stored many fragmented files, your phone may become slower.

The Remedy for this problems:

If you see the new updates and you may find it takes hardly any new features, however refrain from updating your phone. You have to read the review of the update on the internet.Only when you are completely satisfied after reading the reviews, you can also update your phone. Otherwise not.

Take a look at the new update before updating any apps. Look,what features are new.If it’s seems that there is nothing new, there is no need to update.First of all, it will be saved to your storage and RAM And secondly, you can use your phone to the same like before.

Turn off automatic applications from Play Store update feature.As a result, an application can not be automatically updated. So, you can update it whenever you like.

Keep only install the apps that you are using. No need to keep the useless apps. However, Your phone’s storage will be cleared,You can use more RAM, Battery backup may be good And you may feel faster on your phone.

Back up all data before the factory reset. Then,reset your phone at least once within 3 month.After resetting you can restore data again. For that, your smartphone’s memory will be fresh. And will be faster.

Thanks for reading…..

Hope that this post will come in handy for you.

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