Information about Windows 10S

Information about Windows 10S

Information about Windows 10S that you need to know.

Windows 10S is a slightly different Windows version of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. The name of this Windows 10S was so rumored that ‘Windows 10 Cloud’ was so popular. Windows 10S will not be slow with the time. Microsoft has come up with new operating systems to expand the education sector and give a faster Windows experience at low cost. It looks like the other versions of Windows 10, but some features of the OS have some special. Let’s know those things.


In Windows 10, only applications downloaded from Microsoft Store can be run. This is the biggest difference of Windows 10s with other Windows versions. You have to install all the apps from the Microsoft Store, which means that you can not download apps / games from the web and use it.There is no way to change this policy. Because, it has been created like that. However, if you want to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, you can enjoy all the features of the full version of Windows (such as installing software from the outside).

Look and operating system:

Look at Windows 10 and look at all other Windows 10 applications. But at the beginning its wallpaper will be slightly different. It installs each app separately to ‘container’, which is different from other windows. This makes App management more convenient for the OS.Windows 10S is very different from other windows so it will work very quickly.

Security system:

You can not install any application outside the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. As a result, your PC will not be able to easily install any malware. Because every app has been tested by Microsoft in the Microsoft Store, so all the stores in the store are much more than virus or malware.For example: (.exe) files you can not play And this is why this security in Windows will be very good.There are new launches like Cortana, Windows Ink and Windows Hello for built-in apps suites and password-free sign-ons.

Just wait for the store:

If you can not install .exe file from the outside, you can install any app from the Microsoft Store. That means, if Google gives Chrome to the store, you will surely be able to run it, or if Adobe releases any creative suite software to Microsoft Store, then you can use them as well.

Free but not for everyone:

Microsoft will provide Windows 10S free for those companies that make PCs. However users can not download and install it.

Microsoft Office:

You can get MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint in the Start Menu Pinned. Clicking there will take you to the store to download it. In case of education, those who run Windows 10Spc will get Office 365 subscription and OneDrive free.

Default browser and search engine:

You can not run Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in Windows 10S. Windows 10 will be the default browser for Microsoft Edge, and the default search engine will be Microsoft Bing. You can not change them.

For whom Windows 10S is designed?

Windows 10S was inspired by students and teachers and is the best window for schools. Students who can use it very well. Researchers believe that its beautiful and unique interface and faster speed education will improve.It is also a standard computer operating system for any general user, for the sake of strong security and work. Windows 10S is ideal for people who prefer to use Windows Store apps to restrict them. There is everything in the Windows Store and the peace of mind that plays the role of removal of applications from other places.

Windows 10 Pro Upgrade:

If you want to install software from outside the store on Windows 10S PC or to change the default browser / search engine, you can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro at $ 49. Then you can work on the same as normal Windows 10 PC.


Windows 10S You can not buy if you wish. You can get this Windows by purchasing some of the Microsoft Surface laptops. You will not have to buy it separately. But if you do not like this Windows, you can win back in Windows 10 Pro.

So, now whether you use Windows 10S, it’s your own matter. Thanks for reading this article. Stay up to get more good article.