Google Search for information

Google Search for information

Some alternative ways to find information on Google Search.

Google is the best website and most usable site in the world. There is no internet user, who did not know about Google. In this modern civilization, for any information at first we search about that matter in google or others search engine.You may be surprised to know that, we usually try one way to find information on Google search. About 96% people do not know the exact way to Google to search for information.

Now, i am telling you Some alternative ways to find information on Google Search.

Using Synonyms:

Synonyms for the word was fulfilled in almost every language reasons.This is also applies during English. So when you try to find something online,Synonyms can be a good way to find information.As a result, If Google can not find something at the first time, there’s a synonym will be make it easier for searching.

On this matter, Use () this symbol inside the brackets. Which can be found information quickly. Example, “Physics~laws.

When you can’t remember the words:

Seen a lot of time, when you find something that is a lot of noise to forget. If you can not remember the exact sentence,then try to remember the first and last word about this subject. Example: I wandered AROUND(4) cloud.

By using URL or Title:

If you want to find a article, you can use it’s URL or websites name for searching.However, before searching the article,you should not be use any spaces between title and URL.And the need to sign a colon in the middle. Example: techills:misconseption.

Website For Finding:

Many times, we find many fun’s or important article. But,we forgot to bookmark or save it. If you need this article again,while what will you do? In this chase, you can use a simple tricks for find your exceptional article. Got to Google search box and write the website name and added any word which was related on that article. Now,you can easily find your exceptional article.

By using star signs:

The memory cheat us a lot of time. We can’t remember even a easy thing! But, you need to know about that matter which you didn’t remember. At this chase, Use star sign (**) in the place of those word. Maybe,it can easily be found.

By using time period:

There is a lot of history constantly we need. A lot of time, we have to need some information which was happened in certain period.In this case, the period of time may be referred to as search queries. In this way, use three dot (…) between two time period. Example: 1952…1971

Related website:

To find the same kind of some website, use the “Related” word and use a colon (:) symbol. Go to the Google search box and write “Related: your site”. For example: Related:

To find educational information:

If you have need any book,poem,story or any thing Then write the subject,then use a (-) symbol on the search box. And click on search. You can easily find your exceptional things. For example, “Book-The power of your subconscious mind”. “Novel-Harry potter.” “Composition- Traffic jam”.

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