Flash memory

Flash memory

What is Flash memory?

As long as the computer is electricity power on, it’s memory also can active. But, computer forgot all it’s data with left the electricity power.In large computer, Data can be stored by magnetic energy. Which is called hard drive.It is well able to remember the data after leaving electricity power.But portable devices such as smartphones, digital cameras, m p 3 player, etc. can be connected to hard drives. So, it requires little more than the capacity of any storage media. We will discuss, how to use flash memory in this article.

How does flash memory work?

Flash memory is a non-volatile memory chip used for storage and for transfer data between a personal computer and digital devices. It is a type of nonvolatile memory that erases data in units called blocks. A block stored on a flash memory chip must be erased before data can be written, or programmed, to the microchip. Flash memory retains data for an extended period of time whether a flash-equipped device is powered on or off.

Generally transistor and the electronic switch may on or off with the help of Electricity. Though it is a kind of advantage but also weakness.

The advantage is,any kind of the information can be saved in the computer’s memory by switch on and off. Just purchase of electricity flow through the memory circuit and work done! The weakness is, when you turn off the flow of electricity , the transistor will come back to the previous position and stored in the pattern will be forgotten.

“When electricity had gone, it was forgotten all the data” this type of flash memory is called “Random-access memory (RAM)”. It is also called the temporary memory.

The computer has another kind of memory, which is called Read only memory (ROM).It is a permanent memory. After power supply off, it could not forgot data. There are entered a store of 0&1 before make flash memory like SD card or phone memory.So, when the power went off, it can not be forgotten any information.

Computer have different categories flash memory for different kind of work. Though maximum big data has saved on hard drive. But,it can not read or write data quickly like flash memory. Flash memory devices are typically much faster in read or write than hard drive.

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