While writing this article,Jam’scomputerhas a continuous Beep, constantly, especially during Rending video, annoying, but knowing what the error is through the beep of the system. The following is an error message that is reported in the main beep.

The main may be different but if the main use the following popular BIOS chip all have the same error NH you:


Interface of Award Bios

Interface of Award Bios

1 short beep: System normal

2 short beep: CMOS Error

1 long beep and 1 short beep: Memory error

1 long beep and 2 short beep: Graphic card lỗi

1 long beep and 3 short beep: AGP error

1 long beep and 9 short beep: Memory Error

Continuous long beep: Memory not properly installed

Continuous short beep: Power supply unit failed


AMI Bios will have this interface when you enter the BIOS

AMI Bios will have this interface when you enter the BIOS

1 short beep: Memory Error

2 short beep: Memory parity check error.

3 short beep: 64 kb basic memory address check error

4 short beeps: Real Time Clock malfunction.

5 short beep: CPU error

6 short beep: Keyboard error

7 short beep: CPU interruption error

8 short beep: Graphics card error

9 short beep: Memory error

10 short beep: CMOS

11 short beep: CPU cache memory malfunction


In the case of Jam, keep beeps constantly when rending the video is the error isn’t correctly installed, this need to remove the RAM and reinserted, maybe because a certain leg was dirty before plugging, or due to loose Plugin not sure, if the case is not replaced, then must replace the new RAM, if the new RAM is not replaced by the RAM on the motherboard has problems, need to fix ram, clean or replace the new motherboard. !

Good luck!

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