USB Device Not Recognized

USB Device Not Recognized

How to fix a USB Device Not Recognized problem in windows?

Almost all Windows users are familiar with the USB Device Not Recognized problem. If you using USB on your computer then you must face this problem. While USB came with Intel’s hands, Microsoft took it to the top of its popularity through its Windows. However, it is popular for its easy use, but the above “USB Device Not Recognized” message puts all in trouble. I’m one of them. So the auction took place in Microsoft and Google. According to Microsoft and many other experts in the forum, the problem is more than the motherboard than Windows. Instead of Windows, the message is useful to the user. I have discussed some tips on solving this problem.

USB Device Not Recognized

USB Device Not Recognized

Why does this happen?

There is a “microprocessor” to manage every device on the motherboard, where USB is one of them. When plugged into USB on a PC, the microprocessor reloads USB and its necessary drivers, which can be called a type of internal restart on the motherboard. After the restart, it attempts to recognize USB port. And if we can do this, it will be ready and we get the Message- USB ready to work.But sometimes the “microprocessor” drivers do not work properly when they are restarted. Then we are facing this problem.

How to solve this problem?

You can solve this problem by various method. Here we added some method. By following them you can solve this problem.

1st Method:

  • Go to Start> Run> then type Devmgmt.msc and press OK. Now Device Manager window will appear.
  • Click on “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”.
  • Right click on the USB Root Hub and go to Properties. A USB Root Hub Properties dialog box will appear.
  • Click on Power Management tab.
  • Un-marks Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power check box This option. Then press OK.
  • Do 3 to 5 tasks in all “USB Root Hub” options (probably 5).
  • 7. Go to the Action menu and click Scan for Hardware changes. Turn off device managers if they work.

Hope it will work.

2nd Method:

  • Go to Start>Search Box> Then type ‘Device Manager’.
  • In the search result, Device Manager will appear. Select it.
  • click on hardware.
  • Then Select Disk Drives from the list of hardware.
  • Click right button on USB external hard drive. And select Uninstall.
  • After uninstalled the hard drive, you have to unplug the USB cable.
  • Wait for one more minute while it reconnects the USB cable. If everything is okay then the driver should automatically load.
  • At the last Check the USB drive in Windows Explorer.

3rd Method:

At first, the power cable should be removed from the PC so that the power can’t get to the motherboard. But I would say that you have to shutdown the PC in the right order and then open the power cable only. And before doing the work, you must save your valuable data. Then wait for some time. It may take 5-6 minutes. After that run the PC and do the job.According to most of the forum’s reports, many people have solved this problem by this method. However, this USB Device Not Recognized message may still come when the PC Standby or Hibernate option runs. If you restart the situation then it will work.

4th Method:

If the usbstor.inf and usbstor.pnf (hidden) files are deleted from the C: \ WINDOWS \ inf, the USB may not work. Virus attacks, antivirus scans, because of installing new programs, Windows Replace important files, Upgrade or Delete. Then the PC did not get USB in any way.In this case, you can solve this problem with the latest Windows Updates.

  • Go to Start> Search box> Then type ‘Windows Update’. Then select it from result page.
  • Select Check for Updates option.
  • After completing the scan, select ‘Review optional updates’.
  • Now select the checkbox next to the updates, then select ‘Install updates ‘option.
  • Review the license agreement, then press ‘I Accept’ button.
  • Download and install the updates.
  • After done, reboot your computer.

Hope that It will work.Besides, some experts say this problem can also occur in the USB port, due to the dust.So, clean the motherboard with the USB port, and occasionally clean it. Then connect it again. If luck is good then the problem can be solved.

However, I think this article will help you to improve and solving your ‘USB Device Not Recognized’ problem.One of the ways above will surely work.So, you can follow any of these methods to solves your problem. For more information, you can visit Microsoft forum. Thanks for reading. Stay with us to get more article.