find duplicate files

find duplicate files

How to find duplicate files in Windows and remove them?

Duplicate files destroy the precious space on your computer’s hard drive. Especially if you have an SSD card and for a good reason your computer’s backups do not grow. Here are some tips about how you can free up some disk space.We recommended here, each program comes with a clean installer that will not try to install tool bars and other junk-ware on your system. If you want to easily find and clean files, there is no better tool than ‘
Duplicate Cleaner Pro 4’ for working out.

It may not be free, but may not be like a rest, it is easy to use and features are full. You can download a free trial and see if you can choose it for yourself.


DupeGuru is a great application. It is completely free and available in three flavors: dupeGuru, version of dupeGuru music, and dupeGuru photo version. Music and photo versions are specially used to find similar music files and images.For example, the music version will find the same song, even if they are encoded in various MP3 formats in various bit rates. Or the same image copy can be found in the photo version, even if they are resized, rolled or slightly edited.This utility uses a “fuzzy match” algorithm and can find very similar and just not completely identical files.

Note: The dupeGuru site states that Windows is no longer supported, but links under “Older Versions” still work fine in Windows PCs.

DupeGuru is fully open source. The installer will not try to drag any toolbar or other junk into your system, and it will not even try to upset you even. The interface is easy, and easy to use as well.Open it, add some folders or drives that you want to scan, and click scan, you will see a list of duplicate files, and you can easily select and delete files that you want to remove. Double-click a file to open the list and check it out.

DigitalVolcanos Duplicate Cleaner Free:

DigitalVolcano’s Duplicate Cleaner is another good alternative way. They sell a paid version of this app with more features, but the free version provides basic duplicate-scan features with an excellent interface.The installer redirects you to, but when installing it does not try to install any junkware on our system. Digital Vault is trying to earn money in the old way. It’s a good product and is looking forward to buying an upgraded pay edition with more features of the people.

Duplicate Cleaner provides a fantastic interface that will scan your computer and scan any connected external drives for duplicate files. The Pro version scans for very little images and music files, which is a slightly different, but the original version of the free version has the duplicate-file-finding feature. The advantage of this application depends on the fraud, its obvious interface. It’s a little closer to your hands than a dupeGuru.


Use VisiPics to scan several similar image files, even if they are not completely identical. For example, VisiPics will be flagged as resizing, rolled, edited and otherwise-corrected image files and their duplicate. This multiple copies of your photos and other images may not be needed, so VisiPics can help you here. DupeGuru and other duplicate-file-removal applications can also do this, but VisiPics has a design interface with a photo of mind. If you have a large collection of digital photos, then this app is useful for you.It will provide a more visual interface for viewing these pictures and clearing us your duplicates. VisiPics is free – donation, technically system- and will not try to install any junk on your system.

Duplicate File Finder:

Duplicate File Finder and a Functional Application. It actually has a different method than other applications. It shows for files that are of the right size and just want to compare them with whether they are duplicating each other. This means that you will not get the most-suitable-to-mileage feature by providing other apps.However, this means that the duplicate file finder should be faster on the screen with a large set of files. If you care about files that are completely identical and are not nearly identical, you can save time with duplicate file finder. It’s not the prettiest interface, but it definitely works.

This is not a complete list of utilities for all duplicate files-files in Windows. There are many people, who often install the full packed installer of junkware and tool bars. The above utilities work to dirty your system or make money by claiming the money.Remember, do not delete duplicate files in the system folder – for example, files under C: \ Program Files or C: \ Windows. The program may depend on having copies of certain files at certain locations. Leave system files alone and only clean your own personal information files – documents, images, music files, videos and you may have other copy copies.

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