Everyone’s same question when they go to sign up for an internet planwhat speed you get? There’s
definitely a difference in speed the you need an want. Today I am going to talk about what kinda speeds you should be gettingwith your internet plan if you want to docertain activities.

Fast Internet Speed

Fast Internet Speed

How Fast Internet Speed Do You Need When You’re A Basic User

Now let’s start with the bare bones. If you’re just trying to check your email maybe watch occasional video is in standard definitionor visit news website snack kinda thing. You can probably get away with just 1 megabit per second [1 Mbps] up internet. You’re not really gonna need anything faster atfor the most basic internet activities. But that’s probably gonna be a pretty small subset people in this day in age.

How Fast Internet Speed Do You Need When You Streaming Online Videos

Now if you want to do a little bit more such as streaming videos which is prettycommon everyone does it nowadays. You’re probably going to be at least 5 megabits per second [5 Mbps]. That because Netflixstreams at 5 Mbps in high definition. YouTube bit rate for HD videos around 8 megabits per second [8 Mbps].So if you want to stream 1080p Videos you will need up to 10 Mbps. But for maybe 720p or lower 5 megabits per secondshould do it. And pretty much all other video streaming site shouldrequire around 5 megabits per second. There are very few services if any to require more than 10 megabits per second [10 Mbps]. I can’t think of any of the top of my head.So if you’re in the area where internet is really expensive, like Bangladesh you can probably get away with even just 5 megabits per second[5 Mbps].But maybe go to 10 Mbps if you can afford it.However this is assuming it’s just oneperson using this internet connection. If you live in a house with multiple people you have to take that inconsideration. You’ve got one person streaming Netflix another person watching YouTube and doing all the Skype calls at the same timeyou’re definitely gonna need more. So you can probably safely say that the bareminimum you would want per person is about 5 to 10 megabits per second. So, 3 people maybe needs 15 to 20 megabits per second itself on. now I’m gonna be a little bit controversial here I’m gonna say that you probably don’t need any more than 20 megabits per secondfor typical person if you’re not a power user. 20 megabits per second i think is totally fineeven for a household.

How Fast Internet Speed Do You Need When You Want To Download And Upload

If you’re someone who downloads big files you obviously wantto download as fast as you can. or also goes for uploading then 20 megabits per second is pretty much perfect for you.If you have a online backup plan or something like that you probably want to get a planthat has the highestupload you can afford. Not a lot of people consider upload. But if you’re putting up videos in your uploading backup snack I think you really need to look at upload as well.Because typically upload speeds are significantly lower in Internet plan thandownload speeds. That’s pretty much because people use a less oftenunderstandably. But you still need to consider it if you’re gonna be uploading content.


I want to make something clear, 1 megabit per second is really not a lotup speed at all. People make mistake about megabit and megabyte.They’re actually 8 megabits in a megabyte. And obviously Internet companies promote the number megabitsbecause it sounds like bigger number. Lets see if you want do download a CD is worth the day a 700 megabytes.And let’s do you view a 10 megabits internet connection.Well 700 megabytes translates to 5600 megabits divided by 10 megabits per second that’s going to be 560 seconds.Which is around 10 minutes. It would take 10 minutes to download a CD sized update.Now if you have 1 Mbps internet connection. Its take over an hour to download a CD. So, if you download or upload something then high speed internet is better for you. And if are just not want to download or upload anything or want to just check your facebook or email then 1 Mbps internet connection will better for you.