dropped mobile in water.

dropped phone in water

What should you do, if your mobile has dropped in water?

hello everyone. whats up? Hope that, everybody is fine. So readers, today i am coming with a new article. Today’s article is, “What should you do, if your mobile has dropped in water?” We all have a loving mobile phone. It’s our daily companion.Mobile phones are always with us in everywhere now.

Think that, you are walking on the road.Suddenly the rain has come!Your mobile phone has wet with rain water. Or, your phone fall down into the water. Now at this time,what should you do? Fell worry, has your mobile gone?(!!) Don’t worry readers! Now, i’m going to tell some Tips. Hope that, it will helps you to protect your mobile. Let’s learn it:

Take mobile from water.

Take mobile from water.

1. Quickly take your mobile from water.

At first you have to take you mobile from water as soon as possible.Mobile plastic cover is fairly strong, but it not to takes too much time to enter water into the mobile. 20 seconds is enough to enter water in your mobile. Take the mobile soon. But, mind it, don’t turn it on, because it can be easily short-circuit. And if it is turned on, then immediately turn off. Then remove the battery as soon as possible. All of the phone to stop the flow of electricity can be guaranteed.

2. Keep your mind cool.

Do not be annoyed. You have to keep your head cool. If you picked up the phone at the right time, it did not damage to much.There are a lot more things to do before giving up.

 Remove battery.

Remove battery.

3. Remove battery And as well as other device.

Remove your phone’s battery.This is one of the most important steps. Electricity and water, these two can never be together. Many special parts inside the phone you can save from losses, if you remove the battery at the right time. After removed battery, it may isolated power source.Remove the other things carefully, that separates the mobile used. For example, cover, holding, etc.

 Remove the SIM card.

Remove the SIM card.

4.Remove the SIM card.

Remove the SIM card as well as memory too.It can have a lot of important information. To many people,the information of the SIM card is more valuable then the mobile.The SIM card is not easily broken, but the phone SIM card to save the next steps may not be helpful. Open and leave it one side to dry, until your phone usable.

6. Mobile phone dry well.

Mobile phone dry well.A drop of water can be fatal to the important parts of the phone.So you must be erased the water quickly and carefully.Erase mobile lightly. Additional water shrugged into the internal parts of the phone, where the water did not enter yet. In this case, would be counterproductive.Use tissue paper or cotton cloth for erasing. erase light each corner. Do not forget to remove the internal parts of the battery off.

7. Use the vacuum cleaner.

If possible, use a vacuum cleaner.It will help, pull out the very small to the point of water in different parts of your phone.Your phone will be largely dry by using it. But still it is not safe at all to be introduced. But, mind it carefully, Do not use a hair dryer instead of vacuum cleaner.It can be entered water in many parts of the mobile. If the dryer is too hot, it can cause damage to your device over.

8. Use dry rice.

You can use rice to dry your mobile.Dry rice works very well.Keep your mobile into the dry rice for a night.Then, the rest of the water particles do not have a mobile phone.Invert the phone every hour until you sleep.Once out of the dry rice, Keep the phone in a towel. Remember, the purpose of all this is the phone to dry completely. If you have waited over 24 hours and done all those work that i given up, now you can turn on your phone.Apply thoroughly clean the phone,Insert the battery and turn on the phone.

If the phone is not turned on after drying, you can open it fully. open the casing and other portions of the phone and carefully erase with a tissue. You can use the vacuum cleaner again. Then try cleaning with a brush. Then again try to turn on your mobile. If it won’t open, then remove battery and plug on with charger. And trying to charge your phone.You can see it on the charger without the battery.If you see being done, then you need to buy a new battery.

But,if it still does not work,it’s time to take it to a professional mechanic.But it works in most cases. If didn’t work, it’s your bad luck.Anyway, I hope you have learned good something. And it will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading and stay with us always.