download Facebook video

download Facebook video

Just one click to download Facebook video with an Extension.

Hello, every one! Hope that,everyone is fine. Facebook is the most usable social site in the world wide. We know,how to upload video on Facebook. But Many of us,faced problem to download video from Facebook. Today i will discuss about a good way to download Facebook video just one click!

The process that I just showed the Chrome browser, by using an extension to download videos to Facebook. You can try it to other browsers. Hope that, it will work! Let’s learn it:

Open chrome browser

Open chrome browser

  • At first open your Google Chrome browser.
  • Then click on ‘Customize and control’ button. i mean, option button. See the image above.


  • Go to,Setting. Then click on Extensions.
  • Now, click on the “Get more extensions”.
  • Now Get more Extensions page will open with a new tab.


  • Now, click on the search box and type “FBDown Video Downloader”.
  • After searching,you may find your exceptional result.
FBDown Video Downloader

FBDown Video Downloader

You may see the option, “ADD TO CHROME”. Now, click on it. Then, you have a few minutes for installing this Extension on your chrome browser.

After finished install, browse you Facebook account. Select your exceptional video and click on the Icon of the extension. Then it will want to download format to you. Select any format as your wish. After clicking on it will take you to another Web site redirects.Then there you will see your desired video on Facebook. Then just click on the ‘Download Icon’. And your desired video will starting download.

Thus, as much as you like now will be able to download Facebook video.

Learn the Facebook shortcuts

Learn the Facebook shortcuts

Learn the Facebook shortcuts:

Do you think, why you need to know Facebook shortcuts? Yes! You should know the shortcuts. Because,These will save your time. As well as, You can present yourself in front of friends just a little differently. So, learn it:

  • Press-Alt+1 : You will get Facebook home page.
  • Press- Alt+2 : You will get your Facebook Profile page.
  • Press- Alt+3 : You can see, who send you friend request.If you do not get friend request, however, will not work.
  • Press- Alt+4 : You can see, who send massage to you.If you do not get massage from some one, it won’t work.
  • Press- Alt+5 : You can see, what are the notification came.
  • Press- Alt+6: For Account Settings.
  • Press- Alt+7: For Account privacy.
  • Press- Alt+8: For Facebook fan pages.
  • Press- Alt+9: Facebook Right and Responsibility.
  • Press- Alt+0: To get Facebook help Center.
  • Press- Alt+M:To write a new message.
  • Press- Alt+?: You will get Search box.


Hopefully, this article has to be a good lesson for you. And could learn anything unknown, who didn’t knew those tips before.Subscribe us and stay with us to learn many unknown things. Thanks for Reading….