Disabling Facebook ID

Disabling Facebook ID

The way to get rid off or disabling Facebook ID:

Facebook’s security team has started mission to prevent fake accounts in 14 April. Facebook is suppose to be closing down. Recently, it is becoming very overpopulated. There have been many members who are complaining that Facebook is becoming very slow. Records show that there are many active Facebook members and on the other side, many new members. There are lot of fake account. So, Facebook security system started mission to disabling Facebook ID which are fake.

In the process, many of the Facebook account was closed from Saturday 14 April. The campaign will continue for the next six months. After found those fake account, they will disable them permanently. Some Real ID is also facing this problem who does not add theirown photo ID, phone number, e-mail in Facebook profile.Meanwhile,Many people have shown this problem after login. For example, if you log in, it will see like this, “We need you to confirm identity”. Click below to continue to the next step. If you didn’t add phone numbers ,it say to add to your numbers. You have to add your phone number here. There is no another way!

Just add your phone number and a security code will sent to your added number. Just put the code in the right place. Then your account will be all right.Any way, there are those who add their ID numbers that can be locked. When you have to click on Continue button. A code will sent to your number which was you kept before. Just put the code and id will be Okay.Those who have added numbers, e-mail, photo despite all that,account just to be locked.Or the first time at the top of this may be that, despite the opening of the lock.

Who’s account has not added real photo of user, those account will ask you to upload a photo for security option. You have to upload your real photo. Then they will verify it and it may take maximum 72 hours. If all is well, your account will be reopen. Otherwise, it will be blocked forever.So, You should add your phone number,email, photo, location details for your account safety.

However, if the account becomes disabling or blocked, then what will you do? Let’s learn it.

How to get back the closed Facebook ID?

How to get back the closed Facebook ID?

How to get back the closed Facebook ID?

Behind Facebook security team, some real id can be blocked with out reason. For this, what should you do? Follow my point for request to Facebook to get ID back:

  • To request for your id, at first you have togo this link.But remember, if you have logged in other account on your browser, first log out from that account.
  • Then,Enter the email address or phone number of your Disabling account’s in “Login email address or mobile phone number” this box.
  • Then, In “Your full name” box, Specify the name that was on your Facebook ID.
  • Then in “Your ID (s)” box, add a scanning copy of your NID card.It should be clear that your name and photo.By scanning the ID make it JPEG (JPEG) format to save and upload. It will be help you to get back your id.
  • If you have more additional information about your ID, then you can keep it on Additional info box. Though it is not much important, but it may help to get back your Facebook account.
  • After completing your all serve information, then click on Send button. And your request will send. Results will be available within 24 to 72 hours of appeal for get back account.

Of course, your id will get back to you if your account is correct. Otherwise, your account will be blocked forever. So, keep your real information correctly in your Facebook profile. Happy Facebooking.


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  • My account needs a verification code in order to be opened, but i already lost the sim card that i used for that account. What should i do now? Are there ways to somehow change the mobile number? I’ve already tried to send a copy of my id but it is saying that my account is not disabled and didn’t accept. Need help guys, i need to recover my account.

    • In there, you can use your email for verifying…
      Use your email Instead of your phone number.
      But, tell us what kind of code facebook want? is it login approval code? Or verifying code?

      • My account has been disabled, even though I have my mobile number verified on it, my email also, Enable Login approval , I appealed 10 days before, I did not get my ID back, when i try to login with a android mobile, it shows my account has been disabled also there is a password for android comes to my mobile,