Bluetooth misconceptions

Bluetooth misconceptions

Five misconceptions about Bluetooth. You should know these Bluetooth misconceptions.

We all know about Bluetooth.It’s a popular data transmit technology.Bluetooth is a one kind of wireless technology for short-range networking. Bluetooth device uses radio waves instead of wires or cables to connect to a phone or computer. Bluetooth technology work on such a radio wave.But this technology is specifically designed to establish the relationship between the low distance ( about 10 meters or 10 feet). This technology is much easier on your cell phone, digital cameras, printers, PCs and other gadgets allowing you to connect wireless together helps. To learn more about Bluetooth ,Click here.

Today I’ll talk about the misconceptions about Bluetooth. Let’s know it…

The Bluetooth misconceptions:

We’ve been using Bluetooth before using a smartphone.Starting from your phone, computer, laptop, tablet, speaker, etc, all devices efficient use of Bluetooth.In addition to the popularity of this technology, there are a lot of misconceptions about this in our mind. I am going to tell about the Bluetooth misconception.

1. Turn on Bluetooth is wasting the battery:

it’s a major misconception about Bluetooth. Some people saw on Bluetooth they are starting to think, for turn on Bluetooth it is wasting battery. But, it’s not true at all. Though it was happened on old model phones. Because those time, it always had to search the surrounding devices to pair.Modern smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 and its Low Energy protocol means that you can leave Bluetooth enabled and not worry about battery life at all.

4.0 or above standard low-energy (LE), a module can be used.Low Energy Module search and pair for new devices,completely different system than the previous technology.And the cost of your phone’s battery right away when you share a file, or make any work with your devices. However, if your devices connected with other,the battery waste does not occur.

Imagine, You connect s wireless headset with your phone,But until you are playing music on your phone’s battery waste not happen.Moreover, the current standard is required to be much lower than the old standard.The old standard cost of 1 watt and about half the cost (0.01 watts and 0.5 watts sometimes)of current energy standards.

2. Using Bluetooth is harmful for health:

This technology works on wireless waves.Microwave ovens use much higher power levels. But the power levels themselves are not the issue.Smartphones, WiFi, Bluetooth does not use so much stronger waves which can damage your body.But, Bluetooth headsets are particularly dangerous because they are held within centimeters of the brain and they are used in conjunction with a cell phone. If you use Bluetooth for data transmitting, it will not damage your health.

Bluetooth Class 1 devices are use highest 100 Ml Watts energy which is too less.Moreover, the devices you use may continue approximately 1 ML watts energy.But on the other hand your 3G or 4G networks phone’s can loss up to 1000 ml watts to 2000 ml watts energy. And it uses more wave.

3.Bluetooth works much lower range:

Many people think that, As Bluetooth’s range is too low, So you do not get too many signal ranges.But you are not getting your phone ranges, but this would not be right to think that this technology is low ranges. Actually, the range of the signal is working on a different class.Bluetooth Class 1 device, the signal ranges up to 100 meters.Bluetooth Class II devices, the signal range is around of 10 meters.Class 3 Bluetooth device, the signal ranges of less than 10 meters.

Laptop and desktop both uses Bluetooth Class 1.But most smartphones, tablets, and headset are used Class 3 and Class II can be found.But the ranges described above can only work without interruption.Theoretically, the range is tied to a wall it may not work.

4. Turning devices non-discoverable can be safely:

Many people think that, if they turning their device in non-discoverable mode, no one in their devices will not be able to take out And can not connect.But in fact it is not true at all.Bluetooth technology in terms of safety was never developed so more.If it keeps on Bluetooth on your phone, Still possible to find your devices though you Turned on non-discoverable.

A significant vulnerability that eases the process is the “factory” default password used on the majority of Bluetooth devices, which is something to the tune of “0000” or “1234”. Once someone has sniffed your Bluetooth address, chances are they can establish a connection using this PIN code.So if a hacker has your phone’s Bluetooth devices Address. However, using the default password can be easily connected to your phone.Moreover, hackers can get your password via Blue jacking.

5. Bluetooth Clash with Wi-Fi signal:

Theoretically, Bluetooth is more secure than any other range of the wireless technology such as WiFi. Bluetooth technology works on up to 4 GHz radio waves to exchange data. Wi-Fi also uses same radio waves. So you might think normally when you use Bluetooth to the mix can be another wave of wireless and to speed the flow of data can be reduced. But Bluetooth 4.0 or above standard working by adapting frequency hoping system.

4 GHz frequency is a band, which can works to operate 2400 MHz to 2,4835 MHz.Bluetooth 4.0 or above, using the standard two channels, and works by using 50% each band. When other devices using the same frequency band and the data flow from the Bluetooth to change the band took another. And this change is much faster and reliable. Speed ​​data connection on your phone and does not cause any problems.


Bluetooth is obviously a unique service.This is a wireless service which is widely used in worldwide.Everything considered Bluetooth is expected to become more pervasive as demand for wireless grows. Thanks for reading.


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