Galaxy S9andGalaxy S9 +have been launched and prepared to shelves all over the world, have confirmed that these two super great, although the exterior does not change much compared to the S8.What about the battery life, is it better than the Galaxy S8?

Technology pagePhoneArenahas recently experienced S9 Galaxy in about 1 week and confirmed that the Galaxy S9 can be used all day on a single charge, but nothing lasts 2 days if you use too much.

Galaxy S9 / S9 + battery life compared to other models

To get the results below, testers have used exclusive battery tests.All phones in the test are set to the same brightness, same scenario.Here are the results:

galaxy s9 and s8

galaxy s9 and s8

As you can see, there is a decrease in battery life when compared between S9 and S8.It is possible that the more powerful the processor but have the same 10 nm process, which requires more power when operating.

In terms of battery capacity, the Galaxy S9 and S8 both have a 3,000 mAh battery, while the Galaxy S9 + and S8 + have the same 3,500 mAh battery.

Compared to other high-end smartphones from other manufacturers, the Galaxy S9 has lower battery life.

What about the super-charged battery?

There is another very important aspect when it comes to smartphone batteries, which is the charging time.Galaxy S9 and S9 + support Samsung Fast Adaptive Charge technology and come with fast charger in case.Galaxy S8 last year also supports the same.

galaxy s9 and s8

galaxy s9 and s8

And the test shows that Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8 have approximately equal charging time.Galaxy S9 takes 107 minutes, S8 takes 100 minutes, Galaxy S9 + takes 105 minutes, Galaxy S8 + takes 99 minutes.

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