Microsoft has added Bangla language

Microsoft has added Bangla language

Microsoft recently has added Bangla language to Microsoft Translator.

Bangla is the 4th popular language in the world. As well as, Bengali is the seventh most spoken native language in the world. About 250 million people speaks in Bengali language.For the convenience of Bengali speakers, Microsoft has recently announced the addition of Bangla language to Microsoft Translator.So, it is a good news for Bengali speakers.

In this context, the Managing Director of Microsoft(Bangladesh) Sonia Bashir Kabir said that,Introducing Bangla to Microsoft Translator is another example of Microsoft’s commitment to Bangladesh and its people, She also context that, “In line with our vision of empowering for every person, every organisation in the world to achieve more, we envision to see a world which is not limited by language as a barrier to connect and communicate.Global public and private institutions and even private talks, as well as stay connected via mobile Fast-Cloud First World effortlessly communicate with each other to make sure that we move on.”

Microsoft institute has given a statement,Locals, Tourist and anyone in the planet, can use the Microsoft Translator application on their preferred device,Windows, Android, Kindle and iOS devices.The mobile app or on the web through Microsoft Translator Live feature, users will be offered in nine languages ​​to translate the Bengali language.

Customer Support and Services, Web localization or localization, training or internal communications for businesses effortlessly translate their platforms, will be able to add text API in Microsoft translator.

Sonia Bashir Kabir also added that, “By adding Bengali language on the platform, now the other countries in the world can be thinking about Bengali cultures.”Microsoft translator justified in more than 60 languages ​​are able to communicate in writing to the Bengali-language of Bengali speakers.Microsoft Translator has already been added in Bing Translator for Microsoft’s Outlook, cortana, Edge, share point and Yammer.

Now the users can also translate work-done in Microsoft word, excel, power point or even PDF files and retain their original formatting with Document Translator, a free open-source app available on GitHub.If you need to translate any documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or even PDF files, and also keep their original formatting while doing it, you can use now Document Translator. And i already have been said, a free open-source app available on GitHub.

Bangla language is now also available as an instant messaging language in Skype, so that you can communicate from across the city or town to around the globe and will be found in translation. Basically,Microsoft Translator users can translate into Bangla text document in a convenient way from more than 60 languages.

Hope that, it will be good response in Bengali speakers. And they feel easy to use the translator. It’s really a great invention of Microsoft translator. Now the translator’s users number may increasing than before.

More About Microsoft Translator:

Microsoft Translator is a multilingual machine translation cloud service.Which is provided by Microsoft corporation. The first version of Microsoft’s machine translation system was (maybe) developed between in 1999 and 2000 within the Microsoft Research.This system was eventually used to translate the entire Microsoft knowledge Based into Spanish, French, German, and Japanese language. But, now Microsoft Translator service supports more than 60 language in the world.

API of this translator is integrated across multiple consumer, developer, and enterprise products including the Bing, Microsoft Office, Yammer, Skype Translator, Share Point, Microsoft Lync, Visual Studio,and Internet Explorer. Microsoft translator apps also can available in Android,apple,windows etc….

Finally, I think it is a good initiative to added Bengali language in translator.This will be ahead one more step to supports customer service.

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