How does an attacker hack an online account?

How does an attacker hack an online account?

How does an attacker hack an online account? How to live from it?

People are seen talking about their online account hacks. But how exactly does this hacking happen? How does an attacker hack an online account?Actually, these accounts are hacked easily. Because of our unconsciousness, hackers or attackers can easily hack accounts. There is no black magic behind it.The right knowledge about how to safeguard your accounts, how safe your password is, can protect you from being hacked. Let’s know the details:

Password Reuse:

Many people – even in most cases, see the same password for different accounts. Their idea is that they will be able to remember their password. But, in fact it is extremely unsafe! Many web sites, such as Web sites like LinkedIn and eHarmony – have been spreading password and databases about users are leaked over over the past few years.Written password database with username and email address easily accessible online. Attackers coordinate this email address, user names and passwords on other websites, and can gain access to many accounts.

By reusing a password for your email account, you go further at risk. Since your email account can be used to reset all your other passwords, so if an attacker is using it to access it, they can easily gain access to other accounts.However, you should do the best to protect your passwords, but you can not control how secure your passwords are in the services you use. If you reuse the password and a company slips, all your accounts will be surely at risk. You should use different passwords for others places.If you want, you can use a password manager.It can help you, if needed.


Keyloggers are malicious software that can be run in the background, all the strokes you create are sold out to them. They are often used to capture sensitive data such as credit card numbers, online bank passwords, and other account credentials. But after using the data they send the attacker to the internet! These types of malware can reach you through a variety of exploitations. For example, if you use an older version in Java, most computers on the internet can spread it through a Java applet.

However, they may appear in the disguise of other software. For example, If you download a third party tool for an online game. The tool may be corrupted, capture your game password and send it to the attacker on the Internet. Use a decent antivirus program, keep updating your software, and try to avoid download unreliable software.

Social engineering:

Attackers usually use social engineering techniques to access your account. Phishing is a common familiar form of social engineering; basically, an attacker disguises a person and asks for his password. Some users simply do not understand and give their passwords on these sites. Here are some examples of social engineering:

You will receive an email which may be from your bank, point to a fake bank website and ask you to login with your password there. You may get a message on Facebook or any other social website that claims to be an official Facebook account, you will ask yourself to send your password for authentication. Stay away from them.You will be directed to a web site. Maybe there you will be offered free gaming, gold coins or winning a lottery. And you will be asked to register with your password. This hacker is one of the phishing traps! They are trapped in the dead!

Email account and password reset:

Your email account usually works online with your main account.All other accounts you use are linked, and anyone with an email address can access it to reset your password at one of your registered sites for access to the email account. For this reason, your email account should be protected as much as possible.

Security Question Answer:

It is one of the most usable way to hack your online account.Because passwords are often reset by answering security questions. But it is matter of sorrow that we used security questions are usually incredibly weak.For example, “What’s your birth date?” What’s your father name?” “are you student?” etc..It is very easy to find this information on the publicly accessible social networking site, and if you ask the general public you can easily tell them all these information. Besides, many of your friends must be aware of this information! With this easily available information, attackers can often reset passwords and gain access to accounts.

So, we should use a security question that is usually not known to anyone. So always try to use solid and unlucky security answers.

How does Password Hack?

Most people probably try to use single potential password for attackers to log in to their online accounts. But that does not happen. If you try to log in to someone’s online account and guess the passwords, you will lose more than a few smallest passwords.If an attacker is able to log in to an online account just by assuming passwords, then perhaps the password was clear that the first few attempts, such as “passwords”, were easily understood. Attackers can only use such barbaric methods if they have local access to your data; for example, let’s say you are saving an encrypted file in your Dropbox account and the attackers gain access to it and download encrypted files. Then they could implement encryption barbarian force, essentially trying to adjust each password until a task.

If your account is hacked, then you probably made a mistake mentioned above. So your account has been hacked for your unconsciousness. You should use the right security alert then it will not be easy to “hack” your accounts. A wrong tone of life So be aware of the time. So, take care. Thank you.