Since launching in September last year, AirPower wireless charging has not been released yet, but will that change next month?

Both MacOtakara and Apple Post reported that the company’s AirPower wireless charger will be shipped by the end of March, about half a year after its launch in September. This also includes the case. Wireless charging for AirPods.You may have to purchase a protective cover directly from Apple if you are upgrading your existing headset, but many stores will ship AirPods with the included wireless charger.

It is unclear why Apple needs more time to prepare for AirPower but it may be related to Apple Watch.Although at least some Qi chargers can work with the Apple Watch, AirPower is not really designed for it.

According to MacOtakara, the AirPower Mat charger uses a special wave for clock detection, combined with multi-device charging and makes it much more sophisticated than a typical Qi charger.

Although this is still a rumor, it is clear that Apple has a reason to step up its shopping needs for its first wireless charger.The company wants to offer AirPower before the end of the current fiscal quarter, and six months of waiting is a long overdue number that the company should not extend further, as it is hard for a user to wait.

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