To avoid the theft of your smartphone when it is charging in public, quickly download the anti-theft application as well as the full battery notification.

Today, people use the outlet in public places such as cafes, supermarkets, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, etc. to charge the battery is very common.However, sometimes due to ignorance, off guard that many cases have been bad guys stolesmartphonewhile charging.Therefore, equipping an anti-theft device when charging as well as notification when the battery is full of the smartphone is extremely necessary.

If you haveiThefton youriPhone,the best Androidapp for this is theFull Battery & Theft Alarmof the Arda developer.How to use the application is quite simple: after connecting the smartphone to the power source, you turn on the application and select the two main features below is the PIN code and the ALARM WARNING.In addition, the application also supports Sound when there are alerts, by going toSettings> Sound.


1. Battery charging warning

Battery charge warning will help you no longer worry about charging too long battery makes the battery quick.When the battery is full of applications, the user will not need to sit onthe phone while charging.

In particular,Full Battery & Theft Alarmcan also customize the alert at the battery level, by going toSettings> Battery level is full.There will be battery levels for you to choose the warning message (from 50% until the battery is full).

2. Burglar Alarms

With Burglar Alarm, after activating the feature, the application will ask the user to set a passcode and mail address to recover the passcode.Only when the user enters the correct passcode will the new alert sound stop, allowing you to quickly detect who is using your phone.

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Above is safety applicationsFull Battery & Theft Alarmforsmartphoneswith the Android operating system.To avoid the possibility of bad, you can quickly download this application right on the Google Play Store on your computer.