android 7 nougat

android 7 nougat

Some features of android 7 nougat:

Android operating system is now up-to-date version, which is the Android 7 Nougat.Several new features Google has the desired way in this version. Android’s latest upgrade isn’t a revolutionary break from 6.0 Marshmallow, but it still comes packed with some helpful little surprises. The including features of android 0.7-powered device that helps them run better. It has useful features. If you want to use this features,you have to learn about the features.

Now, I am discussing about the features:

Google Assistant:

Google has created Google Assistant, which contains in Android 6 and 7 version.So it would be much easier to daily scheduling and tracking notes.

Display Size:

You could just small and big screen text size inStock Android phones. But the contents of the screen, such as icons, card, etc. it could not increase the size-reduction. Android nougat version has aDPI scaling which may like zoom.Through the interface of your phone, you can adjust the size as you wish.Open Settings > Display > Display Size then use the slider.

Data Saver:

This feature is a boon for mobile data users. When using an Android Nougat device, you can enable Data Saver to restrict specific apps from using data in the background.

  • Open the Settings app
  • tap on Data usage
  • Data Saver
  • And Turn it on

to enable the new feature and tailor which apps are allowed to ignore the setting.

You can then go through a list of the apps,which are installed on your device, and enable background data for each one you want. Otherwise, the apps will only gain access to a cellular data connection when youre actively using it.

Notification Management:

If you want to keep a particular app notifications off, With a long-press on a notification, you can opt to disable or silence alerts for the respective app.

Bundled notifications:

Once an app updates for Android Nougat, it can opt to have all of its notifications bundled into one alert.Instead of presenting multiple notifications from the same app as individual alerts, Android Nougat now groups them on a single line. Slide down on the respective notification to reveal the rest of your alerts for that particular app.

Reply massage with speed:

The sixth version of the new Android phone message (S M S or Facebook message or e-mail) when you open the app, then the message would reply.You can now reply to messages from apps like Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, or Messenger directly from the notification. In Android 7.0 nougat,You will see a new reply option at the bottom of the alert. Tap on it, type your message, and go on about your business without ever leaving the current screen.

Clear All:

Clean RAM increases the speed of the phone. Many people use athird-party app for clear the RAM.But the app also sits possession of RAM.Google itself has made this facility. Instead of placing it at the bottom of your screen when viewing your recent apps, you need to scroll to the top of the list where youll find the handy Clear All text. Tap on it, and all apps are closed out.

Informative Settings menu:

Android nougat’s settings menu is quite informative.This will show automaticallysettings suggestionby entering the settings menu. Tapping on a suggestion will open the proper settings pane or app. Alternatively, you can tap on the overflow menu to hide an item from the list.

Split Screen:

Android nougat operating system brings a new feature for smart device users , which you can use multiple apps in the same screen as well as keeping your smartphone or tablet.

Quicker multi-tasking:

You can now double-tap the recent apps button to quickly switch between your two most recently used apps.You can open Chrome, find and copy a link, then double-tap the recent apps button and your device will switch back to Gmail.

GIF animation:

GIF animation mood option areavailable to the emoji mood in the Android nougat’s keyboard. InGIF animation mode, you can share messages via the messaging app.

Drag and drop text:

When you using two apps at the same time, you can drag-and-drop text between the two windows.Highlight the text, then long-press on it until the text begins to float. Thendrag it to a text field in another window and let go.


You can now set a wallpaper specific to your home screen, and a different one for your lock screen. After selecting an image to set as a wallpaper, youre shown a new prompt to select where the image will live.

App details:

Android Nougat will now keep track of where an app was installed from.

  • Open Settings.
  • Go toApps.
  • Tap on any listed application.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, there you will see the source of the apps installation.

I already discussed about the features of Android Nougat 7.0 that i knew. I don’t know any more features. Thanks for reading. And stay with us for learn many latest news,information and important things.

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