A RUET student has made a new QUAD bike.And become famouse.

The son of parents who were childhood dream to be a doctor. But the boy had a leaning towards engineering. At an early age his passion was to build toy cars broke it again.From there,he began to dream up grain.

Now, quad bikes toy cars spelling the boy was put in the shelves.Bangladesh, whose fame has spread beyond the beyond. The quad bike has been designed to run in remote areas. Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology, says “Sumit Karmakar attractive to students. “

He was born in municipal district of the city.andHe is the son of a blacksmith sonapatti Sandeep Chatmohar.

Sumit and his team members to navigate the streets inaccessible ‘quad bikes’ has shown that in a dream, and if it is possible to achieve the impossible. This is the first time in the history of the automobile has claimed that the innovative and decent members of his team.

The name of thair team is,”Crack Platoon “



Photo: India’s Tamil Nadu state punaskara to the team crack platoon members.

Tamil Nadu, India, October quad bikes designed to challenge the teams took part in the crack of the platoon. 3 finalists to compete with other past champions of the red-green representatives shepherd descent. This made them go.Theybecome 6th on the challenge.

The deluxe, with whom they are working formula. They have made it the world’s best universities in Japan contest with young people.

According to deluxe, two faculty RUET ayadabhaijarera (faculty advisor), in collaboration with ten matches they have created nearly three-month effort quad bike. The lack of research on this bike could cost them Rs two lakh.Baikatite 150 cc motorcycle engine has been used in a domestic company. Quad bike at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour in the mountains or in remote regions of the earth will be able to walk the streets. The battery-road four-wheel has been fitted. Using domestic technology has made it sapei RUET machine.



RUET Crack Platoon Captain Tim said, a final walk in a remote part of the country in the first vehicle. If the traffic can move forward patronage.

Quad bike motorcycle engine, four-wheel auto-rickshaw and build domestic technology. Trying to make it more modern.

Construction of the advisory team, it’s stronger than some of the common foreign quad bikes. Commercial production at 60 of the 50 countries can be made.

RUET chancellor says, more research is needed. It would be able to meet the expectations of the middle class cars.

All the members ofTeam crack platoon arethe stiudents ofRajshahi University of Engineering and Technology-year,deparmentof Mechanical Engineering.

Hope that It will be become more famouse in next years….