The scientists of Disney invented a new technology in 2017

Disney Scientists created WiFi charger . they turned an entire metal room into a wireless charger . it is a uni-config technology in 2017 .

Disney wireless charger room

Disney wireless charger room

If you go some where and your phone battery is low you need to charging your phone but you can be hassle trying to find somewhere to plug in.then what can you do??
No matters, the Disney company saluted your problem .they make a unbelievable technology for you.yes they do it.Disney Company have recently supersized the technology by building a wireless charging room.


One years ago a scientists group in Disney research on WiFi charging macing or wireless charger.Disney Research have converted an entire room into a wireless charger that can boost the batteries of 10 objects at one time, according to the study
The researchers said they were inspired by inventor(wireless charger)Nikola Tesla, who created the first system to wirelessly transmit electricity the Tesla coil.

this invention is the most viral invention in 2017. Disney scientists research on nikola Tesla’ wireless transmit electricity what call tesla coil.
tesla coil is like inferno . tesla coil created a electric magnetic filed. The magnetic filed upsorved electricity on over the aria.if any metal slipt near this megnetic aria the tesla throwing electric light on that me tal. desney sciencitests were inspired by this Tesla coil.

the wifi charger or wireless charger work at the same way like tesla. its created a electric fild. which is transmit electric power in bettery. Tesla believed there could be a global network of wireless electricity that would use an electromagnetic wave that (wireless charger) reverberated between the ionosphere and the ground, study coauthor Alanson Sample, an associate lab director and principal research scientist at Disney Research, explained in a video. While Tesla’s vision didn’t come to fruition, Sample and his colleagues(wireless charger) were inspired to investigate how wireless charging could be set up in large spaces.Known as quasistatic cavity resonance QSCR, the wireless charging technology uses electromagnetic fields generated by electrical currents. Disney Research’s room is outfitted with aluminum-paneled walls and a centrally located copper pole that houses 15 capacitors which store electrical energy, as batteries do(wireless charger). As the capacitors generate electrical currents, they travel through the ceiling, walls and floor, and then back through the pole. These electrical currents create the electromagnetic fields that circulate around the pole and wirelessly charge(wireless charger) devices in the room, the researchers said.

Furniture and other objects can still decorate the room without interfering with the currents, according to the researchers, because magnetic fields don’t react strongly with these commonplace objects. It’s also safe for humans(wireless charger) to occupy the space for any amount of time, because the researchers’ simulations met federal safety regulations while still transmitting 1.9 kilowatts of power — enough to charge cellphones, laptops, lamps and other(wireless charger) small electronic devices, according to the study.

Wireless charger is work like a (wireless charger)inverno Tesla coil, In 1895 Dr.Barmuson  was invented 1st model then nikola tesla was beyoundly (wireless charger) build tesla coil. WIre less charger work like tesla .whatever the wire charger abodifted electrict enegry(wireless charger) and diterminatly it work as a dictator.

Electricity to Shed its Wires: Wireless Charging Like WiFi

Plugging in electronic devices, home appliances, TV or the lampshade will become as obsolete as having to disable dial-up Internet to answer the phone.

We can expect wireless c(wireless charger)charging power (Wi-Po?) to eventually be standard features in hotels, cafes and airports(wireless charger) lounges. Imagine roads equipped to ensure a constant flow of power(wireless charger) to hybrid and autonomous cars, but also wireless power providers limiting access to it to squeeze out every ounce of profit.

However , we know It has lessened our work loads, saved time and energy. It has made our life easy and comfortable. It is a part and parcel of our life.