I don’t know if you’ve heard but the world is literally ending on October 28th when YouTube launches YouTube Red. Actually it’s not. People are just freaking out complaining saying this is a terrible move YouTube is gonna die because of this. Give me a break, come on! Lets talk about YouTube Red.
why youtube is red

why youtube is red

WhyYouTube Is Red

YouTube Red is a completely new that doesn’t detract at all from what you can do right now. You don’t have to sign up for YouTube Red. Those of you not familiar if you’re confused I am gonna laid out completely. So you can understand. Nothing is changing if you don’t want to. YouTube Red is introducing a completely new service that does basically three things. First ever moves ads, secondly it introduces exclusive content that you can’t get unless you subscribe YouTube Red. And for most people you’re not even care about it. It’s like the top tier YouTubers like PewDiePie or other. People even I don’t even watch you might but you might not care enough to pay for it. And that’s fine and in that case there’s not that much content where you’re gonna say I’m missing out on it. OK. And if you really care enough to watch them you know then that’s not a big deal to pay the $10 a month. YouTube Red will charge $10 a month. It’s not even late those top tier channels are not going to be freedom or the regular channels are not going to change it all. They’re introducing completely new shows on probably new channels that you can watch only if you’re on the YouTube Red. So if you still want to watch PewDiePie it’s not like you have to pay to watch in which seems to be a complete misunderstanding that I see a lot of people making. Third you get YouTube Music which is basically Google Music it’s pretty much the same as Spotify or any other music subscription service. YouTube music is gonna have pretty much the same music on there. So you’re basically getting a music service as well.

What Happens If You Don’t Subscribe To YouTube Red?

Now what happens if you don’t subscribe to YouTube Red is the real question. And that is absolutely nothing. Nothing changes. You continue watching videos with ads just like you did. If you’re using an ad blocker then nothing changes even less. And if you are someone who wants to support YouTubers, you maybe want to see some of that content or you want the YouTube Music then you pay the monthly fee of $10 a month. And you get that on top of your current experience. So I don’t know why people are freaking out that YouTube is introducing this tiered system and some people are going to have a better experience yet that’s what they’re paying for? OK, you’ve had a free YouTube experience forever. YouTube has always been free and it’s literally not changing at all. They’re introducing a new service at why wouldn’t they charge you for it. You know i mean now a lot of people are comparing it to Netflix. People are saying “oh well Netflix is cheaper and so YouTube should be cheaper.” OK, and now this is completely your choice. But if you don’t like 30 sec ad or quick access to your video or you can afford it then you can buy the YouTube Red subscriptions for a month. I want to pay $10 a month because I don’t like when I’m on my phone or any device and you know I’m just want to get a quick access to a video to figure out how to do something. I don’t want to have to sit through a 30 second ad and I’m completely fine paying $9.99 a month.



So You Shouldn’t Worry About YouTube Red

People are worried about creators. Creators themselves are worried about losing revenue and here’s my thoughts on that. I do not think you to revenue is going to go down for anybody. I don’t see how it would go up and here’s why. If you’re watching if you’re creating content you typically get maybe one dollar per thousand views. And that means if you flip that around that one person has to watch 1000 videos before they generate $1 in revenue. That’s how it works if you think about it so are you watching 1000 videos a month? Probably not. That’s 30 videos a day more than 30 videos a day and that’s assuming you get a ad on every video. Which you don’t and that’s also assuming that you watch every at all the way through or click on the ad which just doesn’t happen. When you think about it you’re probably you know there is a video by Hank green he was making a video he said you know even the most hardcore viewers probably make maybe thirty cents a month to YouTube. In terms of ad revenue that’s probably about right. Most people probably generate even less than that. Because if you make a dollar per 1,000 monetized views which doesn’t happen to anybody then imagine you know the people that don’t watch every after they only want a few videos or a day at least. But now you’re switching it to a system where you are paying what is basically gonna be $5 thing goes towards the creators. And now all of a sudden you’re going from a few cents a month to $5 a month. So you’re possibly multiplying that anywhere from 10 to 100 times new of new money going in to YouTube. There wasn’t there before. So I don’t see how you can possibly go down in revenue if that happens. Because you know it’s not like this money’s just disappearing it’s being distributed to creators. Now the second point I want to talk about. Is people say “oh YouTube small YouTubers are going to get screwed.” Now from what I understand previously but I thought is that the amount you get is based on how many YouTube Red subscribers watch your videos compared to other people. But basically from what I understand now is that all the YouTube red subscription money for creators gets pooled together. And then distributed based on watch time to all partners. So that’s how it doesn’t really matter if none of your viewers subscribe YouTube Red. That’s what I want to say it was freaking out the same YouTube is freaking out the same YouTube is dying! Guys YouTube is adding an entirely new service that wasn’t there before. And they’re charging for it. Would you expect anything less they’re not restricting their they’re not taking away anything from the stuff. That people aren’t willing to pay for. If you want to pay you get extra stuff that makes sense. Why are you freaking out about it. If you’re not willing to pay a month okay that’s fine.

So, here is my opinion about YouTube Red. And you must shouldn’t worry about YouTube Red. If you like my article then be sure to share it. Thanks for read it. And Good Bye

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