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what does overclocking mean? What are the advantages and disadvantages?


What is overclocking?

Overclocking is configuration of computer hardware components to operate faster than certified by the original manufacturer, with faster specified as clock frequency in MHz or GHz. It refers to pushing your computer components harder and faster than the manufacturer designed them to go. Your computers CPU comes from the factory set to run at a certain maximum speed. If you run your CPU at that speed with proper cooling, it should be perform well without giving you any problems. This is usually applies to the CPU or GPU, but other components can also be overclocked.

Working Methods
Working Methods

Working Methods:

If you divided, “over-clocking”, this term will found in two parts of the split.One is “over”, and the other is “clock”. We all know what that, clock means watch. And over means, increase the value or quality of the upper change anything. The “over-clocking” is that change and increases the value of the clock. Now, the question is what kind of clock it is? Yah! Of course, i am saying about your mobile, laptop or computer’s processor clock.

Each processor has a clock that is fitted. And this watch is placed inside the chip.Clock repeatedly output by Zero and one. Thus, the clock constantly providing value of one and Zero. The processor clock is working at a furious pace. Modern processors are the two GHz or 4 GHz, which works on frequency million times per second that can be off or on.We use the GHz or MHz unit in order to measure the processor clock speed.

Here is the most basic unit is Hertz. If the processor speed is 500 Hz,that means that it works on and off 500 times in 1 second. If it’s speed has 500 kHz, it will work on and off in 5 million times.If it is 500 MHz, it will work 500,000,000 times. The present-day 2 GHz processor can work 2000000000 times.

What is the processor clock’s on or off?

Once the clock On- and Off-being said a cycle.Once the clock On- and Off means, it’s completed one cycle.Now, the one cycle depends on the processor’s performance that how much the processor can do the job. And the work depends on the type of command.The difference between an advanced processor and a less advanced processor is

How to do overclocking on Mobile?
How to do overclocking on Mobile?

How to do overclock on Mobile?

Overclocking can be possible in mobile, laptop or computer. Let us first discuss how to make it on mobile. But remember carefully,Don’t try to jump to a 30 percent increase in clock speed straight away in your mobile. Take it slowly and evaluate how stable the system is with each increase.Otherwise, by increasing the clock speed of your CPU, it’s generate more heat and drains more power. It isn’t likely to set your phone on fire or kill your battery, but excess heat production can create instability and affect your battery life.So, overclocking your phone CPU comes with some risks. You have to mind this.

If you have a root android phone, you can do it easily. After root your phone, you may see many kind of apps on google play store. Which you can easily carry your phone’s CPU or processor clock over.Just go to Play store and search “over clock”. You will find many apps. Install one of them. Then you may able to over clock just one or two click.By these, you can easily increase frequency of your CPU or GPU.Clock speed is usually directed as frequency.

Think that, your processor works at 1.5 GHz speed, you can increase it 1.6 GHz to 1.7 GHz by over clocking. Clock Under the circumstances, you can do it 1.2 GHz, 1.0 GHz as your wish.Now, if the frequency done by less or jump, Of course it will be affect on performance. Increasing frequency will increase efficiency and reduce the frequency will lowering efficacy. And will change immediately on power loss. If you have more frequency than the processor will start to work, and will decay more battery power. If reduce the frequency will be reduced Battery corruption.

How to do overclock in laptop or computer?
How to do overclock in laptop or computer?

How to do overclock in laptop or computer?

Every CPU is different, and every motherboard has different BIOS options. Its not possible to provide a guide for overclocking that will work for everyone.Most over clockers, especially the experienced ones will tell you to overclock through the BIOS.This is often recommended as you won’t have any software conflicts and more so, have total control over all the settings on your motherboard and processor can offer.

You can generally overclock your processor through your BIOS Setup utility. For this, at first you’ll need to go into your computers BIOS and increase the CPU clock rate and/or voltage. Then increase it by a small amount, then boot your computer. Now increase the amount you’re overclocking by- bit by bit until it becomes unstable or the heat is too much. Then drop back down to a stable level. Overclock little by little to ensure its stable, don’t just increase your CPU’s speed by a large amount at once. It can be damage your CPU. So, be careful.

There is a warning for you, Remove the battery when you’re overclocking your machine. If the laptop becomes unstable, pull the power plug immediately. Heed the repeated warnings in the Intel and AMD overclocking manuals.And use a laptop fan-driven cooling base or similar cooling system whenever you can do it. Make sure the air intake on your laptop is clean and dust free.


If you are doing all the right way in your mobile, PC or laptop,slightly more than the power loss you can enjoy a lot more performance.This is a wonderful thing but as well as dangerous. So, you have to careful, when you’re doing it. Thanks for reading. And stay with us by subscribing. Next time, again i will come to you with new issue for presenting to you. Thanks again for staying with us.



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