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What is Directional Speaker? What is the procedure of its work?

Directional Speaker
Directional Speaker

What is Directional Speaker?

Directional Speaker is a kind of conventional loudspeaker,which is designed to spread sound over a fairly wide area. It’s made with paper or plastic cone that moves back and forth, pumping sound in a wide arc in front of it.In general, the more electric current flow can be speaker, it will be possible to generate more noise. Giant speakers used at festivals produce so much energy that they can be heard over a huge area.

Most of the time we do hope that the work of a normal speaker, but there are times when it would be helpful if they could work more selectively. Think that, you are working job on the railway line. You look after the railway station.After a while a train is coming.But, all of a sudden you’ve got to see the rail line error.When the train running over here, accident could happen any time! You are trying to communicate with the train, but you can’t access them. Now what should you do? At this moment,You can send alerts using the directional speaker to the train.

I hope that, you’ve got the idea about what is it! Now we will learn about the process of it’s work.

What is the procedure of its work?
What is the procedure of its work?

What is the procedure of its work?

Directional speaker works in an entirely different way from the conventional loudspeakers.The biggest difference is, they don’t produce ordinary, audible sound waves with a single, moving electromagnetic coil and cone. It produced ultrasound, which is a high frequency sound waves. Normally people can not hear the sound. So,how does it work? Let me explain it.

The range of people’s audibility is 20 Hz to 20 kHz. That is, we will not be able to listen to the sound of any of the above 20 kHz. 20 Hz to 10 kHz sound can be produced from any general speaker,that we can hear a lot of comfort.However, together with a number of directional speaker is fitted with Piezoelectric transducers.Which can generate many high-frequency sound waves. And the sound waves are nearly two million Hertz!

The two million Hz frequency, do not have send for listening you.This is a major frequency, and at a certain distance, the sound of particular help to send.In fact, this speaker is made up of two separate transmit-frequency ultrasound.One of them is a steady, reference tone of a constant 200,000 hertz (Hz) frequency and the other is the signal that fluctuates between 200,200 Hz and 220,000 Hz.Now, if these two different sound barrier somewhere along the path of the rift, However, the sound will automatically be mixed with each other in two waves, And create a new sound waves by subtracted from each other. Which is 200 Hz to 2000 Hz and you can easily hear this sound.

Use of Directional Speaker
Use of Directional Speaker

Use of Directional Speaker:

Though it was discovered in many years ago, but it is not yet available for general consumers. The possibilities are truly limitless. But, hope that this speaker will be used to move an unlimited period. Imagine about that, advertisements or in-store displays that talk only to you as you walk past. Or hospital televisions that beam their sound only to the patients in certain beds, leaving the others undisturbed.And this will continue.Intense noise also can send a specific message to a specific person.

Directional Speaker is used in many places or works. Navy, war ships and other major sectors are directional speaker is used. Some police departments have been using this technology as a means of crowd control for over a decade.
It uses in the huge ship, so that they can transmit signal when they faced in problem. The U.S. military has been using directional speakers since 2004.


It’s true that the possibilities are limitless of this technology. And still yet not available for general consumers. But, it is a very useful technology. One day may be it will have high demand.And will be used throughout.Could be a day in front of your TV can be equipped with directional speaker, As a result, you will be able to enjoy the full volume without disturbing anyone at all.

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