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What is the Drone? How does it work? Learn more about it:


What is the drone? Generally a drone in a technological context, is an unmanned aircraft.Essentially, drone is a flying robot. However, Drone is more formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles or unmanned aircraft systems.A drone controlled from the ground by controller with remote or computer program. At first it was …

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What is Bluetooth? How does it work?


What is Bluetooth? Bluetooth is a wireless technology for short-range (usually up to a maximum of 100 meters ) networking. Bluetooth device uses radio waves instead of wires or cables to connect to a phone or computer.This technology is much easier on your cell phone, digital cameras, printers, PCs and …

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What is Flash memory? How does Flash memory work?

Flash memory

What is Flash memory? As long as the computer is electricity power on, it’s memory also can active. But, computer forgot all it’s data with left the electricity power.In large computer, Data can be stored by magnetic energy. Which is called hard drive.It is well able to remember the data …

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